Saturday, 19 January 2013

Not Sure If Mind Reader or Just Netizens

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Did you ever wonder how come so many people around the world are scammed whether in real life or via online daily?  In Malaysia, things actually get worst because we have so call "Shamans" here who is believed by the local to be able to cure sickness or ward off evil spirits.  Many a times this fake Shamans claim that they possess the power to cleanse away any sickness or evil spirits by sleeping with them and the girls normally consent due to belief.

At times, the Shamans proves themselves to be really capable of communicating with dead spirit or being able to read your fortune like a book.  The question is, do they really?

The following Youtube video is an eye opener on how one should never be too gullible or easily accepting of what some others might tell you.  It could be a complete stranger who can tell you stuff about yourself but there might be a perfectly explainable reason for that.

Do watch it <3 It's only a 2-min video :D

Posted by Duval Guillaume

At times, life ain't all that miraculous.  If a group of people or a certain person really puts their mind into wanting to scam you, they can do that, pretty easily because nowadays, there are no such things as privacy or keeping this low key because EVERYONE is posting EVERYTHING about themselves EVERYWHERE:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Foursquare etc etc

I of course am a fan of Facebook and Blog but most of the time, I do stop myself from posting my exact location and checking in at certain places because why would I want to show the world where I am at that very moment.  It's different if I post on Facebook 4 hours later where I WAS after I got home.  It's not about being paranoid.  It's about better being safe than sorry.

If possible, do not post too much things connected to your private life on public websites such as your cell phone number, car number, where you live, where you are at the moment, where is your work place, how many pieces of jewelleries that you own and things like that.  If you do post stuff like that (for whatsoever unknown reasons), you are only asking for it because it makes you a relatively easier target than others who kept a low profile.

3 or 4 people at the same time? >D

Selling house??

Or this? >D

Original image from 9gag <3

Well seriously guys, only two types of people could do this to you and one of them will never do it.  The one being your friend will never have ill intention towards you unless if it's a prank but those who are lurking at the dark shadows might have a different intention towards this kind of information that they could use towards you.

Know how to get yourself out of trouble, protect yourself

This applies also to criticizing people on your social network.  Always the best example:  Your boss or colleagues.  I've seen those real life posts where some silly employee swears at their employers on their Facebook, forgetting of the fact that they have added their employers as friends and the end result ain't pretty of course.

My advice is:  Post wisely.

If you don't have anything good or smart to say, then keep it to yourself or confide in a friend whom you know you can trust not to babble it on THEIR social network after you told them if not that would be defeating the purpose.

Me to Friend A:  I hid a pot of gold at my backyard.  

You get the point.

See you next post!


  1. Great sharing! Despite a lot of these advices floating in the mkt, there're some gullible people around :< Social media is a wonderful thing, but can be quite scary as well.

    1. Thank you! <3 Yeah, it's super scary when people abuse it :<

  2. I blurted out laughing at the end of that video. NICE. This is a good one, Mishu, and honestly, I was rather amazed by how he was doing it, right until the part he reveals it. I thought of that 9gag post immediately, then scrolling down, lo and behold, it is right there xD

    1. Hahahaha see? Never post any things that you don't want to know up on the Internet because there will be someone who are able to dig it out!

  3. I think to many people say it just sounds like "common sense" to not blindly believe in people, but many times you just don't think about it in certain (desperate?) situations.

    Personally, I think the whole social media trend is an interesting thing, but I've always thought twice when posting something. Anything that certainly can't get me in trouble is fine.

    The video was funny though, nice idea for a commercial. But all this hocus pocus about reading someones soul is just stupid imo.

    1. Even if you think it's stupid, this people are earning by the thousands due to their 'reading power' so I don't know if that makes us losers or them =P

  4. Hahahah love this! Made me laugh.
    Super fun post

    xo Haylee

  5. That conversation is hilarious!! So funny =D