Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Don't Rush Lady Love

As much as half of my friends have gotten married, be reminded that there's still the other half of us out there who isn't.  This particular friend of mine confided in me, asking if he is not good enough because why aren't there anyone whom would accept his love towards them.

For me, I think he is a pretty brilliant guy.  He is determined, keen in learning and somewhat humouring.  Excels in foreign languages and he is your non-smoking and non-drinking guy.  Bright future.  Loves his family.  So he is asking, why aren't there any lady out there who would accept his love?

My friend,  I am no love expert but finding love is like fixing a six billion pieces of WHITE jigsaw puzzle.  There's a piece out there for everyone, most of the time more than a piece because some jigsaws are connected in 3 different ends, most of the time 4 different edges.

World Map White Jigsaw Puzzle by me <3

Looking at this gives me THE migraine already.  It takes real much time to find the piece that fits you and when you do, it's worth all the time, searching, money even fits, and you will be rewarded with love.

If Lady Love is nearby, it might take you a shorter time to find your happily ever after partner but if Lady Love is working in another region currently, you just got to wait for your time.  Do remember that each piece of that jigsaw is special because no two jigsaws are connected the same way (if not they will be few pieces stacking and several empty slot among your jigsaw piece) and there is always a connecting end opened to you right down to the last piece.

Don't fret and don't give up.  Keep your head held up high, be patient and you will get there.  Rush, connect two wrong pieces and you are going to have a rough time.

Good luck and may Lady Love be with you!

My quote of today:

Love does not come running your way but it does not run away from you either!  Finding love is like trying to find a connecting piece out of six billion pieces of white jigsaw!

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  1. Time will come for everyone! Keep trying!

    Epic puzzle though. Made it with mspaint again? >;D