Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Listen V 2.0 - Mdm Sharifah's Version

Wow, I don't know where to start.  There are so many things to say but everything is so jumbled up.  I want to attack her on her points but to be honest, her points are not valid and systematic.  She talks like a 3 year old without the proper sense of constructing her thoughts and ideas.

Yes, of course I am referring to the infamous 'Listen & Let Me Speak' video.  I mean those of you who has watched it, what's your thought on this?

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To be honest, I would say the way Ms Bavani presents her talk is very aggressive BUT, she is talking about pure facts.  I would bet you 10 bucks that Mdm Sharifah did not finish listening to Ms Bavani before she form her own line of thoughts of how to rebutt Ms Bavani's points and yet she is yelling for everyone's attention to listen to her when she can't be bothered to do the same.

There are so many contradicting points that Mdm Sharifah made and a lot of stupid replies, empty promises and ridiculous metaphors.  She is trying too hard to sound big and knowledgeable but all she has manage to prove to us is that she merely a person with thoughts-disorder since she cannot construct her flow of speech properly.  She says a point, jumps out of topic, jumps out of topic more and finally, I have no idea where she is at.  She gave me the impression of someone who got her head knocked pretty hard when she was younger, thus causing this permanent brain injury.

Why I said empty promises?  At the very first sentence after her maniacal faze of the words 'Listen' and 'Let me speak'  she announces to the crowd that she is giving Ms Bavani respect AND that she WILL answer Ms Bavani's question after shutting Ms Bavani up and stopping Ms Bavani's access to the microphone..

Next minute, she tells Ms Bavani to leave Malaysia to get her education elsewhere and if ANYONE in the hall is NOT HAPPY with the education system in the University, they can go and tell her.  Er lady, I believe what Ms Bavani is trying to do here is TO TELL YOU that she is NOT HAPPY but you told her off after she did what you asked.  Like seriously, woman.  IF we HAVE the chance or monetary means to leave Malaysia for further education, WE WOULD.  We don't need YOU to tell us the obvious.  Look at the amount of times the system of education in Malaysia changed for the past few years.  Students have to study certain subjects in English reason being that their English could be strengthen.  No, students should study certain subjects in Bahasa Malaysia.  English!  Bahasa Malaysia!  English!  Bahasa Malaysia  What is this, Mdm Sharifah?  Merry-go-round?

Then, Mdm Sharifah said this out of the blue 'You are a student, much more intelligent.  The difference between you and me is a degree and an O'Level.  That's it.'

Pig to Piglet:  You are a piglet, much more tender.  The difference between you and me is bacon and pork chop.  That's it.

Wow, I can't tell a difference between those two sentences because I can't comprehend both.  It carries no meaning, not answering or connecting to previous question nor answering any further question.  Mdm Sharifah must have thought this would be an impressive sentence so she pluck it out from one of the strand of her thoughts and throw it upon 2,300 over people.  Genious.

And the next part is golden.  After she says she respects Ms Bavani, Mdm Sharifah goes on to tell the crowd (note: not in private) that Ms Bavani proves that she has the very least of education.  Woman, what is that suppose to mean?!  I CAN'T COMPREHEND YOU! D:  If I am to try and comprehend it, it sounds like a direct public humiliation and insult made towards Ms Bavani and you call that respect?  So insulting another person in public is the new respect.  I get it, like I totally do.  Remind me to pay you some respect if I ever see you in person, Mdm Sharifah.

Right.  After insulting respecting Ms Bavani, she THEN tells Ms Bavani that she needs to learn how to respect adult.  SO, might I ask, which RESPECT are you talking about?  The one according to the normal English definition or YOUR definition or respect?  Truth be told, I am very much happy if I could respect you just the way you want it..

Then, this woman goes on and on with her ridiculous metaphors about animal problems where she blatantly tells everyone that she kicks the cats who comes to her asking for chicken bones or how cows and sheeps are skinned and chopped down to their very last bone to be sold and how we enjoy shark fin soup in Malaysia after telling the entire hall that sharks are killed in a very cruel way to obtain their fins.

She don't make any sense.  Now I don't make sense because I am trying to tell you what she is trying to say so if you don't understand this post, no worries.  I don't even know what I am writing because I am merely reporting what she said in the exact order of her speech.

Of course, this woman favours movie with epic finale I assure you.  After all the respect and so call 'I will answer your question' (which she obviously did not), she tells Ms Bavani that she can leave her current University if she is not happy with it and when another student wishes to ask a question, she says everyone is already tired and they should just go ahead with giving a Samsung Galaxy cellphone. Well well well, what about the student's right to speak?

I mean, what just happened?  o.O  This entire conversation between her and Ms Bavani did not just happened right?  Because it feels like a dream.  Where everything is messed and jumbled up and not in order.

Truth is, it did happened and it appalled me to think that we have such lecturers walking among us, teaching our sibling and dealing with our kids with this kind of behaviour.  Mdm Sharifah claims she has a right to speak as it is one of her basic right as a human.  However, she clearly and conveniently forego the fact that she is not to insult another person publicly, especially a student who is under their University's duty to guide and to educate and not to be insulted and asked to leave the University.

I mean, how could any institution treat their students in such manner?  Asking them to leave the country if they are not happy with it or asking them to leave the institution if they are not happy with it?  Whatever happened to thinking outside of the box or solving problems together?  Whatever happened to unity and playing as a team?  Why is it that we are not allowed to think but we should only follow whatever instructions that were given to us?

I don't understand.  Is this the standard that this particular institution is thinking of producing?  Graduates who would follow blindly whatever their employers says and they are free to leave if they think differently?

What are you trying to play at?

Well anyways, thank goodness not all institutions are like that.  Those who are making noises, you are awesome.  Those who agreed in unity with Mdm Sharifah in the hall, I wish you the best of luck in your life.  Mdm Sharifah's employers:  Think hard and think fast of how you are going to get out of this quicksand.  Mdm Sharifah, lol.  Stay just the way you are.  You are amazing.

For those of you who are here and clueless as to what I am saying, this is basically a post about how a Panel from a forum held in a University in Malaysia bashes a student for expressing her thoughts about recent Malaysia political happenings.  It is the outrageous behaviour of the Panel that sparked this outbreak and the video of the actual Forum can be seen below.

For the full report in English, you can read it from Yahoo's Report <3