Monday, 14 January 2013

Is This Considered an Act of Selfishness?

So, yesterday I was at the mall and was queuing up for the toilet.  The queue was horrendous as the amount of crowd in the toilet is sufficient to be that of a mini concert and those who are in the cubicle was taking their own sweet time.  I seriously have no idea what they were doing inside.  I kept hearing flushes after flushes but they all took so long to exit the cubicle.

Going out of topic is very easy, don't you think?  This post isn't about the toilet users but rather, how do we react under certain circumstances.  For example, yesterday due to the amount of people in the toilet and people were queuing up for really long before it's their turn, every now and then there are nasty and dirty looks darting around, daring those who came in later to cut queue because whoever who dare to cut queue will be in for a good time.

Then, there's this cute lady in her early twenties in a very sweet dress queuing up in the next line to mine but we could all sense her growing impatience as she keeps clicking her tongue and throwing dirty looks around.  She went into the toilet first and after she came out, she did not wash her hand (not like it's my business since I am not going to shake hands with her anyways) and darted out of the toilet because of the amount of people inside.

It was after she walked out of the toilet and I was just looking absent-mindedly at her exiting the toilet that I realized, that the back part of her skirt is stuck to her, well, underwear.



I really wanted to call or go after her but since she was walking away so fast, I wasn't able to call out to her in my squeaky voice amidst all that 'concert sound' going around and she probably won't know that I am calling her because she isn't Malaysian.  I overheard her conversation with her friend, they should be Vietnamese or Thai I believe.

I considered going after her as well but at the end I didn't because I didn't want to lose my queuing pot as I have been waiting there for quite some time too.  Is this considered an act of selfishness?  Should I have went after her?  My justification was her friend would surely tell her that her backside is giving an exhibition to the world as soon as they see each other BUT it only occurs to me NOW as I am blogging that what if they have gone separate ways and done individual shopping?? Does that mean she will be walking around with her underwear showing because of my selfish act of not wanting to leave the queue when I could have told her? 

I honestly don't know.  What do YOU think?

Would you have went after her in that circumstances?  

Okay, enough of depressing thought, lets go through some happy channel for now!  What always makes a girl feel happy other than food??

CUTE FAT BABIES!  And baby items!  See for yourself!

SEE THE CUTENESS!! It's a baby IN a basket ON a table omgee!! \o/  

Was eating dinner and when we walked pass the table, I saw the baby and jumped because it's so freaking adorable!  Round cheeks and he is sleeping (which means no screaming and crying)!  I was so excited that I asked the couple if I could take a picture with their baby and they gladly say yes!!! FU FU FU FU FU!!  I really wanted to hold the baby but I didn't want to wake that cutie pie up so this is more than enough!  BABYYYYYY!!

And this is one DARN cute teddy bear hat for kids!  Like duh, my head's so big <.>  If only my head is smaller or the hat is bigger I would definitely buy it because it's SOOOOO adorable as well!!  Now I am jealous of people with smaller head that can fit cute hats or bands and all ;_;

That sums up my weekend so see you soon!

P/s:  Yes I would ask for a picture from a random stranger if their baby is cute enough to attract me ._.