Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Given the Chance / Forced to Say Whatever's on Your Mind for 2 Hours in Your Entire Life

Would be the most disastrous 2 hours of the existence of your life.

Everyone would start stabbing each other with a knife.  I foresee that this will be worst than a zombie apocalypse because everyone's limb is 100% functioning.  No slow walking or dragging limbs zombie after you.  Some of them could just Bolt (Usain) their way towards you and give you a karate chop straight at your face.

What are you going to do?

Needless to say we are living in a society full of hypocrites or just some that don't dare to say whats on their mind, those who are beating around the bush but it due to this  "courtesy" that we are able to live in peace with each other to a certain extent.

Rachel  :  I've lost weight till 48 kg!!
mish     :  Awesome!! That's so light!
               (inner voice:  but your hips still looks like a hippo)

Courtesy of 9Gag <3

We are always throwing compliments around and says the best that we could see in people but that's because really, how are we going to go about telling people the worst that we have seen in them even if we wish to?  It's like telling a woman her facial feature is superbly pretty but her nose is off centre.  That's like courting death itself.

No matter what we say to others, there will always be a line or a filter where there are some other things that we have thought of but we are not able to say it, provided if we aim to hurt or to savage a relationship then of course you can say it.  Most of the time we just keep it to ourselves because these are thoughts that do not have to be made known to others.

Everyone is always hiding something and it is this little voice that keeps the peace at bay.  Imagine telling everyone everything without a filter or a full stop.

Phil    :  Thanks for your present!  But I don't really like it.  I mean, this book that you have given me isn't even the genre that I always read and why the hell did you get me a soft cover book?  Looks cheap, feels cheap and even makes me look cheap when I am holding it!

You get the picture.  This World would be in chaos if such an invention were ever to be invented.  Perhaps it is not about being a hypocrite but rather to know when you should hold your tongue and be courteous.  There is no such thing as being 100% truthful or honest with whatever you say unless if you are prepared to abandon ship and live alone for the rest of your life, severing ties from your kins and friends.

The only person who is probably nearest to the point of being 'truthful' is Taylor Swift with all her break up songs >D

And for the record, I will hide myself in a cupboard, shutting myself from the outside world for that 2 hours.  No human interaction please!!


P/s:  My internet is still down and I have to steal wifi everywhere I go.  Mcdonalds, Godbrother's place, anywhere with that darn wifi signal.  I feel so crippled without Internet QQ


  1. Hypocrisy in the name of global peace.

  2. hnm.....selective to tell the truth. but have to tell the truth in gentle way as well.
    haha btw if u dare to hide me up from truth. i will never ever friend with u anymore =p

  3. adoring your blog, super cute!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

    1. Thank you! I think YOUR blog is much more adorable <3

  4. WOW was that photo of that lady REAL??? those hips were out of this world!! wow. anyway I think this world would be a better pplace if everyone was honest with each other, but not rude.

    The House of Shoes

    1. Yep!! Hahaha so maybe those who were wearing those dresses in medieval time really has something to hide after all!

      Yeah, I don't understand why some of them have to say such rude stuff just to make their point through. I mean they could make the other person feel better just by talking nicer, right?

  5. Yalo, hard to tell the truth sometimes. =(

  6. Haha I agree with you! But sometimes we say the good stuffs so we get back great karma (hahaha :p) and being polite makes everyone happier! I guess.. perhaps the truthful notes and facts could be left for the best friend to do the deed :x Insightful post though!!

    Many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

    1. Lol I like how you think! Say good stuffs to get back great karma huh? >D I think.. I GOT TO AGREE WITH YOU! Why didn't I thought of that!

  7. Guess it's always good to be honest as long as it doesn't hurt.

  8. It would be fun to find out how people will react if I tell them the truth for a whole 2 hours of conversation. I wonder how many people will look past it and keep being my friend.

    If I had the choice, then I would just hide in my room anyways.

  9. Oh, I'd tape my mouth shut, and go out in public just to see the drama. I'd be guaranteed of it. LOL