Saturday, 12 January 2013

Double Standards for Third Parties When Pursuing a Relationship

Would you agree with me?

A few days ago, my two other friends and I were talking about what would happen if a third party is trying to go after another male or female who is already in a relationship and then we realized that there is this imbalance, or at least we feel there's an imbalance to this scale.

If a third party male goes after a girl who is already in a relationship, few things might happened.

i.The girl falls in love with the new guy and leaves her current partner.
ii.  Girl does not fall in love with guy but think he is sweet and continues to friendzone him.
iii. Girl's friends thinks third party guy is super romantic and sweet and perhaps encourage her to be with him if the current one isn't as good.
iii. Girl thinks he is creepy and totally cut him off the picture.

Success rate = 2/4
Friendzoned rate = 1/4
Gets ignored rate = 1/4

From how you look at it, the third party guy keeps a positive image to himself and only a quarter of a chance to get himself into muddy waters.

However, if today a third party female goes after a guy who is already in a relationship, the following will happen:

i.  She will be forever known as the bitch who stole / tries to steal someone else's man.
ii.  Whore.
iii.  Slut.
iv.  Vixen.
v.   Cheap.
vi.  No dignity.
vii.  Easy.

And every other nasty words that you can think of.

Do you agree or disagree with me?  I believe that the balance of the scale is pretty off in this picture (like duh) but when it comes to this aspect of life, there really is a double standard no matter how we look at this.