Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nutella & I

Who would ever have thought one could find a piece of Heaven on Earth so easily, packaged and bottled up, selling in departmental stores called Nutella.  Comes in three heavenly sizes as well.

During those time of the month, all I want to do is just digest chocolate all day long.  I am not sure if it really helps but it is the perfect excuse for one to eat chocolates and what is better than eating off an entire bottle of Nutella?

Convenient size and tasty as mad.  All I have to bear in mind is not to choke on it like how I almost glue my mouth together with peanut butter.  I am contemplating chomping down an entire bottle of Nutella and the ONLY reason stopping me is because I've got to fetch my mom next week.  I don't want to risk being reported for trying to kidnap my mom for looking like this:


I don't want to play chase with her around the airport with her screaming "HELP! HELP!  SOME FAT ASIAN KID IS TRYING TO EAT ME!" because she couldn't recognize me!!

All in all, Nutella is one evil piece of Heaven on Earth.  Personal advice, when you see Nutella, run the opposite way as fast as your chubby radish leg can bring you!

Lolol <3  I love smart phone apps.  They are awesome hahaha!  They really enable you to express yourself in almost anyway you want <3

Original picture

P/s:  Whoever knows, I might just look like that after Chinese New Year >D

Whatever it is guys, no matter how sad you are from break ups, how stressed you are from work or exams or how bad your stomach cramp is, try not to comfort yourself too much with comfort food.  Seek for a friend's help or turn to your parents, NOT comfort food alright!

You might just fall into a worst depression AFTER you get over your first depression when you look at yourself in the mirror because comfort food are comforting for your emotions but it shows on your physique.