Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Crazy Green Car Woman

Earlier this evening, god brother (godbro) and I was going from Destination A to Destination B where godbro was driving.  We were on this one way street with 3 lanes (where we were on the last lane and nearest to the Divider) when we saw this green car on the left side of the road from the housing area who was trying to come out and they indicated their signal lights to turn into our direction.  For an easier illustration, look at the picture below.

Godbro and my first reaction was "cannot brain".  We were thinking (which we later realized it was the same thing) that this could not be happening and thinking "it's not real, it's not real" in our brain and WHAT DO YOU KNOW?  She coolly turned.  Into our direction.  And into our lane.  We were head - to - head with her.

Second reaction was when all hell broke lose.  Both of us were going "OMG! WHAT! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!"


Godbro had to emergency break and swerve slightly to the left where another car sped pass by us and was honking at us as they nearly collided into us from behind as we attempt to switch lane so as not to collide with the other car.  Talk about close shave and insane woman driving on the road.

Thank goodness today is public holiday so traffic wasn't heavy around the housing areas as many have work or school tomorrow if not, I honestly don't dare to think of the alternative.  Am just really thankful that we escaped unhurt but I believe this is something worthy enough to be blogged about.

People, please take full responsibility when you are behind any wheels at all.  Be alert and drive carefully.  If you are not familiar with the area that you are driving at, always stop by to ask passerby or practice the 'look left, look right and look left' again policy because at the end of the day, you are not only sacrificing your own life but others as well be it your passengers or just some other random scapegoat whom you've never met in your life.  Do not drive when you are under alcohol influence or any conditions that makes you unfit to drive.  It's okay to trouble a close friend or a relative once in a while to let you crash at their place or send you home but it is absolutely not okay at all to get into an accident.  Do not drive in a show-off manner.  The road is not the proper place for you to channel your talent.  Get another talent or enter professional driving courses or tournaments designed specially for your talent.

Practice safe driving.  Remember your love ones and remember that you are not only responsible for your own lives when you are on the road but others as well.  One small mistake  of yours could lead to huge casualty. 

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