Thursday, 23 August 2012

Aged and Wizen but still so Beautiful

I came across this picture and it's in Mandarin so I will post the original transcription and then translate it in my own words for those of you who does not understand Mandarin.  It's a very short and simple picture together with few lines of words but it definitely brought tears (the happy one) to me.

Here it is:

Original Transcription:

今年 104岁老公公 和 100岁的老婆婆,

嘴里不停的说老伴漂亮.. ♥


My Own Translation:

Granddad is 104 years old and granny is 100 years old.

They have been married for 81 years but as they were poor during their younger days, 
they have never had a single photo together.

Today, after granddad helps granny puts on her wedding dress, 
he reached out and braced her in his arms and says 
'my aged and wizen partner is still so beautiful'.

 It's really short and simple but it touches my heart and those who have seen it so far.  I hope it touches yours as well.

Good day.

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I do not own any of the photos or the Mandarin transcription except the English translation.