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Singapore #3 Part I

The FOOD POSTS (yes plural) are finally here!  I am sorry for breaking this into 3 posts but there are just too many wonderful pictures that I want to share with you and if I did put everything under ONE post, you are gonnna kill me cause it will take forever for the pictures to load and that's something that both you and I don't want to happen.

First day, we had Todai Buffet for lunch.  It's actually a Korean buffet restaurant but they carry lots of other culture food such as Western, Japanese (sashimi! sashimi!), fresh seafood (you shall see :D), Deserts and much much much more and without further ado, here it is!!

#1  The Billboard in Blue is Todai.  Just posting this picture up cause Godbrother took a wonderful shot of this water reflection picture :D

#2  Unlimited Fresh Mussels and Prawn!

#3  Unlimited Awesome Desert

#4  More Deserts T^T 

And just when you think things couldn't get better, Todai proves you wrong.  Look at the below picture.

#5  Unlimited Macaron TOWER! That's our close friend, Mayyie who joined us for the meal <3 AND

#6  Look at the amount of Alaskan King Crab that we had.  It was amazing.  Fresh, Juicy and Sweeeeet!

#7  My plate =P  This should be Round 1, the "Warming Up' Plate.  Of course I am not going to show you how my subsequent rounds plate looks like, ate like a gluttony!

#8  Our Desert Plate!  "Artistic Ice Cream" bowl made by Godbrother.  He wanted to make a part of the human anatomy but the ice cream wasn't hard enough so it turn out like poo.  Very yummy one though.

After all that fulfilling lunch, we thought we are never going to know the meaning of the word 'hunger' for the next two days so we then went for the Gardens By the Bay tour and what do you know, after 5 hours of walking, our tummy's calling out for food once again.  It is not human nature to defy the calling of our holy stomach, so we feasted in "The Clan Restaurant' for dinner.  The Clan does not feature buffet style.  Instead, they offer the 'Dinner Set' Full Course Meal or of course you could go for ala carte as well but I would really recommend the Dinner Set and you will soon find out why. 

#9  The Clan's Menu

#10  Dinner Set Menu.  

They offer a 6-course meal from Appetizer to Desert and they are the real deal because what you ask for is what you will receive.  They also offer excellent services and make you feel like you are dining in a 5 star restaurant with really cute looking and polite waiters.  They introduce your meal to you, ask if you are comfortable with the taste and when we were too full and we didn't finish part of our food, the Head Waiter actually came over to ask if the food is not to our liking.  Basically, a very hospitable restaurant who serves really good food.  It's 2 in  1!

#11  Iced Apple is perfect for thirst quenching!

#12  Bread with Cream Cheese

#13  Salmon Cone, Scallop and Egg Foie Gras

#14  Close up shot on the Salmon Cone

What's best about this is, from picture #11 to #14, it's all complimentary food from the Chef!  Which means none of this are in the menu and they are serving you this free of charge!  Iced Apple!  Bread sticks with cheese and ooohlala, Salmon Cone was really good and to top it off with fresh scallop and steamed egg foie gras,  we couldn't wait for the main course to come and sure they deliver!

#15  Chef Starter:  Beef Carpaccio - It means, raw beef.  

Trust me, it taste yummy.  I never knew raw beef would be this good o.o  Absolutely no yucky taste at all.  It's creamy, fresh and heavenly.

#16 Chef Starter: Oysters in 3 ways

  As you can see, 2 fresh oysters are laid on the platter and the third one is actually in the small shot glass, mixed with one raw quail egg and sake. 

#17  One of the Chef Starter.  This is the Deep Fried Foie Gras and boy they don't cheat.   

If you could notice that thick darker layer underneath that Parsley, that IS the entire slice of Foie Gras.  There's nothing else that I could do other than to go om nom nom :D

#18  Another Chef Starter:  Herb Crusted Mushroom with Escargot

# 19 Another Chef Starter:  Alaskan King Crab with Kareshi Dressing

#20  Main Course Number 1: ;48 Hours Beef Short Ribs on Haba Leaf with Madeira Sauce on Lava Stone

#21  Main Course Number 2:  Kurobuta Pork in Pistachio Puree with Pickled Zucchini and 64 Degree Egg Yolk

#22  Main Course Number 3:  Spiced Braised Lamb Shank with Potato Panko and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Powder.  

In case you are wondering, the white powder on the side of the plate IS the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Powder.  It's a weird sensation when you take a mouthful of just that because it melts on your tongue and give you this nice, light taste.

#23  Main Course Number 4:  48 Degree Poached Salmon with Japanese Broth, Dehydrated Wakame and Leek Confit

#24 Clan Signature: Chocolate Fudge

#25  Chocolate Lava with Raspberry and Homemade Gelato

Well, this concludes the food tour for day #1.  There's 2 more post on food tour day #2 and #3 which will be up really soon but really, all those amazing food has done an amazing job in expanding my waistline and cheeks.  Hopefully I will not end up like that cute Michelin boy in my previous post, here.

Sorry that I filter so much of the photos from this blog as some of the quality of the picture aren't as good or as clear as my previous post but no worries, I will try to brush up my photography skill and try not to disappoint you all in my future posts!

The next time you are in Singapore and you want to have nice food, you would already have 2 places to go and their information/address are as below <3

Todai Singapore
#B2-01 The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Ave 
Singapore 018972
Phone: +65 6688 7771   Fax: +65 6688 7701

The Clan

18/20 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089832
Operating Hours
 Lunch- 11:30am to 2:30pm (Last order 2pm)
Dinner- 6:00pm to 11:00pm (Last order 9:30pm)
Telephone- 62222084
Facsimile-   62223415

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