Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nyan Cat Doodles

Crayon + Sketch Books + A bunch of 24 years old =

#1 24 Colour Crayons from Daiso ftw +

#2  Sketch Books + Bunch of 24 year olds + Collaborations =

#3  Nyan Cat Doodle!

#4  Nyan Cat Pooping My Name in Rainbow <3

#5  Better View of the 'artwork' =P

#6  Compilation :3

This is what we do when on a Saturday night after buying boxes of crayons!  I am crazy over crayons, especially those will pastel colours!  Used to have 2 'brief case' boxes of the 64 Colour Crayons from Buncho as a kid and am just absolutely fascinated and obsessed with it and I am not the only one with such obsession!  Another friend confessed that he used to hijack all the silver and gold colour crayons and just keeeeeeeeeeeeeep them away from others!

Above drawing was done by my brother and me :D  He drew the cat (cause he is fabulous in drawing realistic animals, 100% not like the Nyan Cat above >.>  I will show them to you IF he allows me to publish his links here =P) and I merely added the rainbow poop and sparkles!

I also bought bunch of soft pastel from Daiso to experiment hair chalking so after I am done with it, I will blog another post bout it soon!

Lunch time, ciao!

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