Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lazy Eyes on Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note is pretty awesome for lots of things.  

First, it takes really good image quality without filters.

Second, it comes with the biggest screen ever >D  Best for viewing, browsing or watching videos on your phone.

Third, it's obviously lighter than an iPad.

Fourth and it's best selling point, it comes with a really good and functional stylus! One that has precision and doesn't require you to try breaking the screen while drawing (though technically it wouldn't break with Gorilla Glass) >D

I have no idea why am I promoting bout Galaxy Note in the middle of the night but what's written cannot be undone! (too lazy to do it more like)

And ta-da! My so-so drawing on a Galaxy Note!!!

#1  Godbrother

Maybe this is the main reason for this post but not bad >D  I mean the phone, obviously not my drawing.  Not that thick face yet (keyword is yet).

Oh, to my Godbrother who I was using as a reference for this picture, sorry I gave you the pair of lazy eyes hahahahhahaha.  Well, any anatomy is very hard to draw >.>

Nights and sweet dreams guys <3

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  1. D'awwwww you're too sweet, god sister<3<3