Monday, 13 August 2012

Of Nachos and Green Braces

Today me and me 3 other stooges had a really lazy Sunday.  Timothy* cooked awesome butter chicken (those that is cooked with chili padi and curry powder) for lunch and it's one of the most epic moment ever.  After eating butter chicken, 4 of us were just chilling around and talking nonsense like always and when Timothy went to shower, Bob* was doing the dishes so I went and rinse my mouth as it became a habitual thing after getting braces and after rinsing my mouth, I went over to talk to Bob in the kitchen and the following conversation took place:

Bob : Hey, your braces is green.
Me  : WHAT?  *runs to check in the mirror*  HOLY CRAP, it IS green! (Apple green to be exact)

*runs to Godbrother

Me  : Hey check this out! *bares teeth*
Bro : Oh you went to the dentist yesterday and she gave you new colour! So cute!
Me  : No, it's because of the BUTTER CHICKEN!!
Bro : What?! O.O

Well, I was warn that food with curry or red wine WILL stain your braces.  I've always had curry meals here and there for the past weeks but every time after I eat I will rinse my mouth immediately but since we are lazying around at home today, I didn't bother to get up to rinse after meal and chatted for an hour.  As a result, GREEN BRACES!!

I don't know to say I am impressed or astounded.  I mean, it did sort of give me a new braces colour for free and without pain (cause no tightening done =P) but in a way it's kinda disgusting to know that my braces is actually stained, urgh.  I will show you guys a comparison picture tomorrow <3

As for now, after the braces incident, we went out to Aeon just to hang out and walk around, squeezing and being squeezed like sardines in the super packed mall as our Malay friends are busy with their Raya shopping :D

What I really wanna share with you guys is what we had for dinner!  We went to this place call Jaya 99 Garden which is a bistro that is situated 70 feet in the sky, open roof top area with decorations that makes you feel like you are out in the open air surrounded by grass and swings (yes, and I do mean REAL swings).  It has an awesome view and I quote "Sampling your favourite wines with the orchestra of lights performing against the panoramic backdrop of scenic Melaka Town" from their leaflet.

Apart from the fresh air, the to-die for view and wine to go with it, they have amazing food that comes with a fairly reasonable price!  Enough of all the words and off with the pictures, behold!!

#1  The open air seating with swings and leaves

#2  Caesar Chicken Crunch as Appetizer for RM 7.90 only!  

Topped with their Chef's special sauce, cheddar cheese, crouton and not to mention, their superbly tender and juicy chicken!  You will be really amazed at how the chicken taste, not kidding.

#3  Nachos topped with melted cheddar cheese topped with olive oil and tomato salsa for RM 9.90

To be honest, I found this dish so-so.  Could do with it, could do without it but it's a fun finger food nonetheless ;D

#4  Carbonara Spaghetti for RM 12.90!

Okay, words can't describe this but it's a MUST TRY item if you are there.  It's honestly just super creamy but it does not taste awfully cheesy or make you sick after 5 bites and the special addition of the egg yolk is pretty special!  It does not gives you any scary taste or smell that sometimes seeps out from egg yolk and there's also bacon and mushroom added to this plate of really, really nice spaghetti.  I wanna bring the Chef home and I lose hope of losing any weight after this.  Thankfully the Chef is not available (I hope) :<

#5  Delicious Biscotti Smores Desert for RM 7.90

This little plate of goodness has 4 pieces of almond biscotti, 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream and biscotti topped with whipped cream and a piece of cherry (being very captain obvious here bu- OH YEAH, what happened to the cherry? o.o I was eyeing it and the next second I know, I merely recall it from this picture.  Someone's being Usain Bolt with their eating speed huh? >.>) AND grilled marshmellows!! I am NOT a fan of marshmellow at all but I have to admit, they've done it pretty well for this dish.

It's a really satisfying place to go to with your friends, family or you just wanna have some alone time with your partner as this place is quiet and peaceful (as it's 70 feet above the busy streets of Melaka), with a great view and very importantly, a great meal without you having to splurge a fortune.

No idea to have for dinner tomorrow?  No worries, problem solved!  You've just found a perfect spot to unwind all your stress from work/studies <3

Exact location:

Level 6 of Jaya 99
Jalan Tun Sri Lanang
75100 Melaka
(Closed on Mondays)
For more information, click here for their Official Facebook page.


  1. Let's go there together nextime when I'm back in Melaka~
    After Jiao Mien in the morning, and Secret Recipe in the afternoon of course~