Friday, 15 February 2013

Thanks and Rants

NSFW: Contains slight swearing

So which should I go first?  The Thanks or the Rant?

People tend to be a little bit sadistic and sinister so I will save the best for the last so lets start with Thanks >D

First of all, THANK YOU for letting me have my precious Internet back!  It's been approximately ONE month (as of today) since I last have any Internet connection and gone are the days where I have to camp in McDonald or Godbrother's house or sitting in my car parked outside my friend's place stealing their wifi (just kidding, my friend did offer but I don't want to be caught and hauled to the police station for doing this) just so that I can get a few orgasmic moment of having Internet, so to my Internet Service Provider (ISP), here, have my thanks +1.

Second, THANK YOU mommie for being here with me during Chinese New Year.  Next year it will be a family reunion with daddie and everything would be perfect <3  Three round family members together is one of the best thing that could ever happen!

It secretly reminds me of dango (some Japanese dumpling)

 Daddie, Mommie & Me

We spent this year's CNY in Kuala Lumpur, walking around window shopping for items and hardcore shopping for food >D

So Kuala Lumpur, here, have my thanks +1.

My CNY Red Packet from my parents <3

ANDDDDD, this is exactly why in MOST of my pictures, I do not smile wide because then you would notice me with my non-existing eyes but who could resist not smiling when one is holding two red packets!  I was tempted to use photoshop to make my eyes bigger but those who has seen me try to smile with my eyes open tells me to never to do that again so yes, I am destined to be a one-liner eye when I am to smile.  MISH, LIVE WITH IT! <3

First day of CNY Outfit!  BE COLOURFUL! <3

Me and mommie in Pavilion  <3  My towering height over mommie and she is not even short QQ Saying goodbye to all my beloved high heel shoes!

I did manage to grab one dress which my mom termed it as the 'pyjamas effect' dress lol.  I think it's pretty cute and summer-ish!  The mirror is those type that makes you look slimmer.  I wish I look like that in real life QQ

Third, THANK YOU Godparents + Godbrother and Seaweed + Mommie for spending this year's Valentine's with me just so that I am not forever alone >.>

To Godparents + Godbrother, thank you for the lovely dinner.  The crab was awesome though it did made me camp at the toilet for quite some time in the middle of the night >D

To Seaweed, thanks for the beautiful flowers and that box of chocolate which I am not sharing with anyone but my mom despite your LARGE NOTE on it >D

Twelve beautiful Roses <3  I love Roses even if they are the most common flower on Earth.  There is no such need to always be different and loving Roses is one of them <3

Me & my beautiful Valentine's Date <3

Valentine's Outfit!  Was wearing red pants but not like you can see it from here lol <3

Those are the thanks that I would like to share with you all so now comes the juicy part.  Who loves to hear some rage stories?  I know I do!

First, THANK YOU TELESHIT + STREAMSHIT = SHITSHIT ISP.  When I was down without internet for 3 weeks. all you did was shove me left, right, up and above whenever I call your helpline for help regarding my line (this sentence should not even go together).

I've subscribed to shitshit in December last year and up to January 14th, my speed was less than 10% of the promised speed / the speed that I paid for using AND also shitshit's official speed test website.

On January 15th, I made my first report to shitshit helpline to ask them to give me the speed that I am supposed to have for the amount of money that I am paying and what do you know, January 15th onwards, my line seems to be non-existing and I have no freaking internet to use except stalking wifi at various places!

Called, called and called some more to shitshit helpline and all they gave me was more and more report numbers instead of my internet back to me.  They keep telling me that it's my internal wiring problem and that I should refer to my management (because I am staying in an apartment) and it is not shitshit's fault where I CONSTANTLY tell them that I've referred to my management, not once, not twice but THRICE until the management's engineer came to my room to check on the so call problematic internal wiring and there's no freaking problem with the internal wiring okay.  It's your shitshit's fault and you are not doing anything at all to help me get my internet back.  All you did was refer me to someone else, made me waste my money on calling you and being put on hold, given the same memorized script over and over again and at the end of the day, gave me a new report number.

I thought of giving them more chances until February 8th, that was the last straw.  As I've mentioned, I did my first report to shitshit on 19th and on guess what I found in my letter box on January 28th, A FREAKING BILL dated January 28th!! WHAT / WHY DID YOU WANT ME TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I CAN'T FREAKING USE, not to mention all those time that I used to call you (which wasn't free by the way)!

I put my foot down that very instant and went to terminate shitshit internet the following day and telling them that I am NOT paying for something that I can't use!

I've gotten my internet back because I've subscribed to a certain broadband which gave me instantaneous activation and I could surf straight away!  Only downside with broadband is, it's not unlimited :<  So I've got a pretty tight bandwidth and limited use for now but it's better than paying for a non-existing Internet service.

Yep, that's it for my Thanks and Rants post <3

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's and Chinese New Year!  Though there aren't much celebration season after Valentine's, we should still make the best out of each day and make each day counts!