Friday, 8 March 2013

Dramas Indefinitely Happens

-Dramas:  Feeding the World negativities since xx B.C.-

Drama Indefinitely Happens

When more than one person co-exist.

Unless if you count having a mental drama with yourself but it is the inexplicable truth that drama definitely and WILL happen when there's more than one person in a certain given radius irregardless of their gender.

The type of drama that I meant is the emotional dramas that happens between you and someone else.  It's not those type of talent where you win an Oscar prize for it.  It's where and when you make your enemies, harness hate and gossips, shedding tears, breaking friendship or relationship, shoutings, backstabbing, spreading rumours and every other unpleasant things that you can think of.

It could happen online, at home, forum, work place, school, entertainment parks, photoshoot session, this, that, up, down, left, right, everywhere.  It's like this undying viral disease that has existed since Adam & Eve's time and the snake is the one that caused all the drama.

A wise man once told me:  If dramas could severe your own blood-family ties, drama will indefinitely happen between two strangers who are put together by circumstances and not by choice:  e.g. a project where you have to recruit people other than your usual own gang, joining a new work place, collaborating with new people that you have no experience working with etc etc.

It seems to me that most of the time, drama happens because of territorial insecurities.  Cliques or gangs tries to exert their rights or control over the minorities so the minorities either gets absorbed into the clique or they are singled out as easy target and that's when the beauty of drama begins.

Drama knows no sex, gender, sexual orientation nor the time and place.  It could happen anytime, anywhere and it could happen to anyone.  This three reminds me of omnipresent, omniscience and omnipotent lol!  No, drama does not equal God but there could always be God-level dramas.  >D  We have the drama queens, drama kings, drama secretary, the drama starter, drama encourager, drama sacrifice and every other positions that you can be part of.  Drama in soccer, drama within a drama, drama in the bedroom, drama everywhere.

Heck, so many tv shows made tons of money out of all this drama!  Celebrity reality shows, America's Next Top Model (ooh lala), The Apprentice, Cake Boss, CSI (drama within drama lol) and these are the famous ones among others.

Even Youtube celebrities gets drama.  Michelle Phan, the famous Youtube Make-up Artist has an entire forum dedicated to her just to hating her and I hate to say this, but her ONE THREAD in that forum has got more members, views and comments that I get in a month all put together lol!  And what's worst, I believe 98% of her hates have never met her before!  They just hate her, *snaps finger* like that!

Hating someone seems to be one of the easiest thing to do because it costs you nothing of value and you can just conjure hate out of thin air.  "I hate her guts" "I hate her attitude" "I hate his face" Bla bla bla.  Yada yada yada.  Babbles.

This entire post deserves an award.  An award for negativity x 100% lol.  And it is saddening to see that a lot of people at a lot of times and a lot of occasion does not see all this negativity happening around them.  They are involved in one drama or more and yet they either does not seem to realize they are in one or they are just truly enjoying of being in one.

Being in a drama, hating someone else, gossiping.  I find all this pretty tiring and never forget one thing:  Karma.  You could be having a drama with person A this time around and you have your gang backing you up this time but the next victim might just be you.  What goes round WILL come around and it's coming back at you pretty fast.  So I will say watch out.

It's always better to be sincere around others.  Say things straight forwardly even if it might sounds a bit offending at first because in the long run, it will serve you far better for being honest than being a hypocrite.  E.g. If you find me adjusting your laptop's brightness every time I use your laptop annoying, you gotta tell me if I did not stop doing that.  Tell me once and I will remember to adjust the laptop brightness back to it's original state, the way you like it rather than telling 10 or 15 person more about how I have this bad habit of adjusting your laptop brightness and not adjusting it back because telling one person is less tiring than telling 15 others and telling me once would rectify the problem.  Telling 15 times to 15 others and I will still be repeating the same thing because I simply don't know that whatever I am doing is annoying you!

And saying something behind a person's back does not make you the good guy or the polite guy.  It simply makes you a coward and a person who wants to create drama out of nothingness but what the heck, I do know a few people who cannot live without dramas.  It's as though they will die without one.

My message for today:

Strip yourself OFF this drama!

Strip yourself OFF this negativity!

Don't strip MORE than necessary!  That will invite more drama!  Especially when your company is your friend's lover!