Monday, 4 February 2013

❤ Valentines Part 1 ❤

Needless to say, Valentine's drawing near whether you have a partner or you are single.  IRREGARDLESS, it's NOT a crime for one to dress up even if one is single!  Yesterday, I came across two fabulous ideas by the famous Michelle Phan and Lilith Moon where they gave a nail and hair tutorial which I found really perfect, simple and cute for this coming Valentine so I decided to reproduce their idea AND also improvise on the hair part <3

The end product of the day is as follows <3

It's real alright >D  Nice isn't it!!!  And can you believe that it's so simple to do?!  It takes like 10 minutes for each!  For the hair part, I have done it before in my earlier post:  It's call hair chalking where you use soft pastels to temporarily dye your hair with some crazy colour.

For more tips and guides on Do's and Don'ts for hair chalking, read it here <3

My favourite line:  Less words, more pictures!

Original Me :D

Side view

Remember, it is very important that your hair is wet!

Next, just twist your hair and start applying the colour of your choice in ONE motion only, that is DOWNWARDS!

See how easy it is for the pigment to get onto your hair <3

After you are done with the colouring, you can then braid your hair!

OR, you can braid and THEN colour!  Don't be shy and don't back away from being daring!  Experiment with different colours and they won't hurt because they are not permanent and you might just end up with a very interesting combo!  Try rainbow colour, I highly recommend it :D

For the part on how to make it into a heart shape, you merely require bobby pins but for detailed instructions, watch the original video below! <3

And now the nail part, I actually have a step by step pictorial tutorial, so scroll away!

Original credits for the idea is to:

Michelle Phan's Nail Tutorial

Michelle Phan's  DIY Nail Tutorial using Band Aid

Lilith Moon's Braided Heart Tutorial for Valentines Day

Okay for some reason I am unable to link her video from Youtube directly but the link to her video tutorial is here or watch the one that I have uploaded manually above :D  You MUST watch it because it teaches you how to loop your braids into heart shape with few simple tricks!

Happy Valentines Part 1! <3  Part 2 coming soon :D