Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Says No One Ever

Just this morning I was telling a friend "with a good night sleep, a good bed, good pillows, good blanket and good weather", how can one wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel down for the rest of the day?

Says No One Ever.

I was forced to eat my own words that very afternoon.  Words, you better run faster than my speed of eating because I am coming after you, right now.

Well, shit happened.  Or more like, period happened.  That's enough said and the rest is history that can be brought back to Eve's time.

That apart, so many GOOD things has been happening, one after another and I am constantly thanking my lucky stars and counting my blessings, never once taking them for granted.  For one, I am tagged once more!  Now that everyone knows I am the left-out one who was never tagged lol.  Thank you ねこちゃん for nominating me for an Liebster Blog Award! \o/  I have really not much idea on what to do so I will update about it in my next post after I figure out what to do!

Then there's Maria  who gave me an award on her blog!! \o/  Oh-my-goodness!!  It just simply felt awesome being remembered on someone's blog and I superbly appreciate that ;_;

Then there's other things here and there that makes everyday a better day for me to live in and for me to smile endlessly.  It could be a tiny conversation but at days, it is the tiny things that makes you smile.  Like today, my God-Family and I was just having a small conversation over high tea where we were saying doing things that works your brain up (e.g. Sudoku or studying or mahjong  among other things) actually helps increase your metabolism and burns off fat.  Everyone immediately looked down at their tummy and God-Aunt decided to be funny and said, "Wait if we are all burning fat via overworking our brain, then the burning of fat goes from the brain down to the tummy, we will first be burning all our boobs away before it even reaches the tummy!"  Oh gosh.  No bewbs, you are almost non existent, please don't go away ;_;

I too, am surrounded by animal lover people so they are constantly trying to pair me up to see what type of animal am I if I was ever an animal and the usual ones are polar bear or panda bear BUT today, I've found my real Animal Identity purely by accident!

People are always joking about my small eyes so yesterday, I was just making fun of myself and took a picture of myself looking like that and guess what?  I was just googling for animal pictures this evening and I found a picture so I decided to gif it.  Wait for it to change okay? >D

Picture from Here <3

HOLY CRAP I FOUND MA LONG LOST TWIN!  Mommie when did you went to Alaska???! (just kidding!) The next time there is a look-alike contest, I would know who to bring with me ;_;  When I showed it to my Godbrother, he SNORTED-LAUGHED at me.  Like HOW COULD YOU! QQ

It's nearing midnight now so this is where I say good bye and sign off <3  I am really sorry for not being on for so many days so I would be sneaking onto each of your blogs real soon!  Non is forgotten and all is loved!  I really love to read what everyone is writing because everyone has so many different thoughts and no two posts are ever the same!

It always gives me inspirations and motivation or just a REALLY GOOD laugh and that is something that I would love to share with everyone else too, daily if possible <3

Alrighty, nag less snore more mode is on.

See you guys real soon.  One particular baby seal is rolling to your page tomorrow :D