Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tag, You're It!

Last night at midnight (my timezone), Peet  tagged me and who's Peet? She is one super cool person and is responsible for single handedly almost getting me fired from work because I was Laughing out Loud (for once) for reading her post on "How to Get Rid of A Girl :10 Different Tips!" during work time.  Well, my own fault but anywaysss, this tag wants me to list down six (6) yes six, not 100 random things about myself so here goes! <3


I've NEVER been tagged before so this is the FIRST TIME I am doing such a thing and I feel that there's a need to celebrate!!  I don't know, people just don't tag me for such random funs on Facebook or anywhere else :<  I've always seen people answering pages and pages of funs or questions or things like that but never me, so thanks Peet! <3 There really IS a first time for everything!  *successkid.jpg*  The only thing I've ever got tagged or asked to fill up are questionnaires which are well, questionnaires and of course, answer sheets for exam >.>  But note that this is not an invitation to send me a hundred tag just because I've been deprived of it >D


For a very very short time of my life, I was actually bulimic and I believe very few people know about this :D    Yeah well, one does not simply puke and go telling the whole World about it.  One could expect but one might never thought of me doing it lol.  There's always a time in someone's life where they are insecure about themselves, insecure about their physique, insecure about their relationship, insecure about their wealth but the good thing is, this things comes and go for most people and I am glad to say it's been a really long time since I last try to force food out of myself.  Never be afraid to admit your mistake.  It can only make you feel better and go further.  Being afraid and acceptance is the first step towards healing.


People never really believe that I have a temper, and quite bad one in fact because they all think I am super pleasant, amicable and "cute".  Quite contrary to that, I had a history of being notorious, hooligan and many of my older relatives does not really favour me back when I was a kid.  There was several accounts where my relative would pinch me till I bleed but it was my own fault for flipping her skirt every 5 seconds while walking behind her in a shopping mall :D  I deserved it :P  My point is, those tempers are still there, merely subdued but given the correct time and pushing the right button, you might see my old self once more :D  And no, I would not pop out from between your legs going "GUESS WHO?"


I am a freak of gadgets and specifications.  I love, or rather, have a compulsion to read reviews of everything before I buy anything.  I would read up to twenties, thirty or more web pages and also asking people who owns that device before making a final decision but once I've made my decision it's not going to be easy to change my mind on that :D  That being say, I am a proud Applefan.  No, not those who shoves Apple products down your throat telling you that it's the best device out there (though Siri might disagree with me) I simply like it as it suits my usage.  Taking brilliant photos and it's good for game handling as it doesn't really hang.  I do not really give much f-s whether or not I can customize the layout and all so yeah, Apple has been serving me good so far <3


For a person who loves food and grew up on pastries (because I don't like rice), I've never had the chance to bake until December last year.  That's the first time that I've ever baked and boy I would never want to leave the kitchen because of the smell of melted chocolate, whiskey on fruit cake and so on.  I've always liked baking and collected a few cookies/cakes book but never really the type who sits down and actually bakes them but I would take it as a blessing in disguise to slow down the process of my expanding waistline. No, do not refer to number two up there.

Last :D

It was my secret ambition to be either an astronaut or a singer though the only person who would tolerate my singing is my mother but nevertheless I am still looking for an opportunity to try to record a YouTube video of me singing but up todate, no such luck and my favourite movie will forever be The Parent Trap (1998) where I've watched the movie more than 600 times that I can tell you exactly which is Lindsay Lohan and which is her double, movie bloopers like one leg there and one leg gone the next second in the same scene and etc.  Yes I am a TV freak.  I could sit on the couch all day, eat sleep and eat somemore without budging an inch - if only I can.

P/s:  It is a heart breaker to know that Natasha Richardson, the actress who played the character of the mother has passed away in 2009 due to a head accident during ski-ing T____T

Thanks Peet, for the opportunity to be tagged and tagging others *rubs hands*  I choose YOU, YOU and YOU!
You = Jaslin  You = Maria and You = Evelyn!  for being so nice to me and everyone else and now I am just being a pain in the ass by tagging you >D  Extra work for you!  <3 I wish I could tag you once more Peet, then we would know another 6 random things about you but that's not allowed isn't it QQ

So gogogo!

Currently in love with my new statement necklace <3

AND, I LOVE ALL THINGS ROUND!  Check out this hilariously cute video!! My friend posted this as a response to my "I ate so full that if I fall face down right now I will bounce right back" and crap, he has never been so right!  OAO