Saturday, 23 March 2013

All Our Little Quirks

What's "QUIRK"?

quirks  3rd person singular present, plural of quirk (Noun)

  1. A peculiar behavioral habit: "his annoying quirks".
  2. A strange chance occurrence: "a strange quirk of fate".

That is what quirk is.  In simple words, it is not just a habit. It is a weird habit that one have.

I was just thinking about it this morning and within 15 minutes, I could name a number of quirks that I have.  I was surprised to be honest, to realize that I actually have quirks.  To think I was normal.  Pft.

Okay, yours truly is very bad at drawing on anything other than MS Paint but I tried >D  Thanks Godbro for lending me your tablet! <3

First of all, I dislike socks.

Yes, socks.

For all of you who comes from a 4 season country you must think I am mad but from where I come from, it is actually pretty normal to NOT wear socks, especially for females.  I am fine with stockings, I just don't like socks.  We don't have winter so most of the time you will catch me with flip flop, sandals, open toes or any other footwear but shoes.

I don't do any form of exercise except one where it requires me to move my lower jaw and upper jaw.  An exercise also known as chewing.  And swallowing.  That's the closest to any form of exercise that I would do, so there's perfectly no reason for me to wear any form of closed toe shoes.

Reason:  I always have trouble with washing socks because I refuse to wash them with any of my other clothing.  I find it disgusting but I will not stand to actually collect an entire basket of socks before I can wash it, so that's the reason why I hate socks.  I don't know how should I wash them.

Second, I used to peel my toe nail when I am under stress.

During assignment days or exam days, I will automatically start peeling my toe nail every time I sit down and have my books opened in front of me.  Of course I know that's even more disgusting that washing socks but it's a quirk, and I can't help it.  Until I tore half of my little toe nail once.

That's a very good lesson to make me stop and I haven't touched any toe nail ever since except for pedicure purposes.

Third, I am a very needy person.  With my blanket.

Be the weather hot or cold, I MUST have my blanket covered up till my neck before I can actually sleep.  Even if I am taking a nap at 2 in the afternoon at a 33°C weather where it makes my sleep so uncomfortably sweaty and sticky.

I can't help it, it's a quirk.

Reason:  I feel insecure without my blanket ;_;  Like I said, I am very needy of my blanket, oh Mr Blanket <3

Fourth, (which I personally think a lot of you have this as well >D), no nail no finger no toe OUTSIDE of the bed frame.  Each inch of my body must be within the bed's perimeter at ALL times.

Yes I know there's no Boogie man or even if there is one, my bed's frame is made of solid wood so I don't think Boogie man can hide underneath it BUT still, I can never, ever sleep safely if any part of my body is over the perimeter of the bed.  It's just, wrong.

"Mish, put your darn finger back into the blanket, RIGHT NOW!" is what my brain would alert me when I put a nail out of the line.

Fifth, I always save the best for the last (in food).

I've gotten this numerous time.

"Why don't you start with the main course instead of the side dishes?"
"Wouldn't the nicest part of your food gets cold and then it won't be nice anymore?"
"Aren't you afraid of anyone eating your favourite food because they though you cannot finish it?"

I just can't.  I simply have to finish my least favourite portion of the meal before I start on my favourite food because it's just so satisfying to eat the best pieces at the very last few mouthful.  It's a feeling of satisfaction.

Well I eat pretty fast, so the food is still pretty warm by the time I finish it :D

No.  They will have to get past me first before they can touch my food.

This are some of the quirks that I have, or at least I realize I have.  Some people don't even realize their own quirks, for e.g.  my mom >D

She has this quirk of staring at people when she's eating.

Well not stare per se, it just appear as though she is staring but according to her, she did it unconsciously and she is simply looking everywhere absent mindedly instead of having her whole face blasted by the steam that is coming from the food and she is simply eating and not thinking of anything but for anyone who is sitting opposite her aka me or her friends, it really does seem like she is staring intently at your face and every time we ask her "yeah? anything?" she will say "no" then it appears as though she is thinking of something about you but she is not telling.  But no, it's just a quirk lol.  If you ever have a meal with my mom, you will know >D

(In all honesty, I think I do that at times as well but because of my micro size eyes, people usually don't realize.  Should I be happy or sad? I can't decide.)

These are just few example of quirks that I have.  I have read somewhere that for some people when they lie, you can tell immediately (but only if you are close to the person to begin with) because they will exhibit certain tell-tale signs such as rubbing their nose or ruffling through their hair, things like that.

So what about you?  Have you given any thought on this?  What's YOUR quirk? Let me know in the comment section below! <3