Saturday, 30 March 2013

Apple Crazy Family

Because last night I was hit by not one but 13 Apples when I was sitting under the tree.  Beat Newton 13:1.
Just kidding.  There's no apple trees in Malaysia though I wish they have.  It will actually mean we would have cooler climates around.

When I mention Apple, of course I am referring to THE Apple products, started by the infamous Steve Job and it's no secret that I am a HUGE Apple fan ever since their first iPhone came out.  Remember me refusing to leave the Japan's Apple store when iPhone 5 first came out here and goggling over all the endless choices of iPhone cases and accessories.  Oh, the good ol' times.

It's also not news that there's a strong rivalry between the two giant Smartphone Companies aka Apple and Samsung and it's also not news that when an Android user (usually Samsung owners) meets an iPhone owner, there will be instant eye war and the 'toe to head look', sizing up each other and then walk away, accepting our differences OR proceed to bickering about why Samsung or iPhone is better.  Today we are NOT going to bicker about whether Samsung is better or iPhone is better (of course iPhone is better, I was just kidding you!) but to look at who is the bigger winner from all this taking sides and bickering!

I heart heart heart heart heart my iPhone.

Earlier this month, Allison Morris from contacted me because she came across my Apple vs Samsung post <3.  She did a very extrinsic research and came up with an intrigue graphic design with her team of designers of the breakdowns of Apple and Samsung's selling, shipping, earnings, profits with the gigantic title "Could Samsung Take Apple Down" and finally showing who is having the last laugh from the competition.  I mean I was curious myself to know who did better last year with the new iPhone 5, new Macbooks, iPads and etc in the market after Steve Job's passing away and Cook took over + the release of SO MANY (I can never keep up with Samsung) Samsung models aka Samsung S III, Samsung S III mini, Samsung Note 2, Samsung this and Samsung that, you know, so that if Apple did better I can rub it in Android user's face! Lolol. I am not just kidding.  So, let the competition comparison begin!

Samsung vs Apple Infographic

Original Image here

Well, it seems like in terms of profit, Apple fair much better because they did not spend that much on commercials or Advertising because who needs advertisement when you are Apple >D  Apple users are more loyal?  WRONG!  We just know which is better and more worth of the quality.  Hueahueaheae.  I mean seriously, it doesn't hang, there's tonnes of free apps around or heck, an app is just USD 0.99 or USD 1.99.  Don't tell me you can't afford that, like seriously.  You spend more on your donut or make up >D  It has awesome camera AND it looks classy.  I can only tell your Samsung models judging by the size of the phone.  It's either smaller or bigger.

There's only one two good thing about all this crazy competition going around:  The first one is forcing the two giant smartphone companies to compete and come up with better, more quality product and two, they are creating more and more job opportunities!

I realized Apple is like a woman.  You give them something, they multiply and make it better for you >D  You give them shit, they give you hell.  Heauehaeahuea.  So, don't mess with Apple!

Hold and behold, our family is FULL PROOF APPLE SUPPORTER!  We always term ourselves as "the Apple Family" (sounds familiar?  The Adams Family lol)

No, we are not selling Apple products

Every single one of us has various different taste in covers so even though it's all basically the same thing, it looks so different when we line it up and yes, there's 6 iPads ranging from iPad 2 to iPad 4 / The New iPad, FIVE iPhone 5, one iPod Touch and one iPod classic.  There's other spoiled iPods lying around but it would't be fair to put in the spoiled one so yeah, last night I was hit by these 13 Apples.  Totally blown away. (For the record, they are all 64gb)

HEH HEH HEH.  One of my more 'creative brain' talking.  Oh well, it's pretty fun >D Okay if you didn't get what it meant, it says WWW.mishberries.COM <3

So, welcome to my humble blog.  I seek to entertain :D