Monday, 25 February 2013

Bras & Bikinis - The Difference?

Both cover's up a girls' body in a sensual way and they both look almost the same so what's the difference?

Easiest difference to tell is:  One pushes your boobs up to your ears and the others shows itself in its natural state.  Well, it kinda applies for push-up bras *shrugs*

Anyways!  What I wanted to talk about is how a girl would react when a guy sees a girl in bras or bikinis.  The difference in their reaction is like Heaven and Earth.  Girls struts their beautifully carved body and assets on the beach with the skimpiest bikinis ever invented out there that you do wonder how do they stay on with just two bare strings (or one interconnected string for G-Strings) whereas if a guy walks into a girl who was changing her clothes but fully clad in her bra and underwear, she screams her head off!  I bet many of you wondered about the same thing too!

What I can conclude from is that this is simply the difference of whether or not there was prior consent.  One is done willingly and voluntarily while the other, it felt like someone had intruded upon your sacred moment with the worst vulgar action ever because that sense of security has been forcefully taken away.  The best example that I could come up with is the difference between consented sex and rape (which goes for both genders) so you would roughly know what I mean.  They both involves the same action (I believe unless you have an out of the world fetish) but the outcome is so different.  One brings out the love in both parties whereas the other is just downright- I don't even want to talk about it.

I believe it goes the same with guys as well and not just us girls but perhaps on a lower level of hysteria case.  Guys too strut and show their toned bodies at the beach but walk into them while they are changing (bottoms clothed) they might do a flip or squeal like a little lady too.  One's body does not simply change from just a gaze but it is mostly the mental part that you've intruded upon uninvited.

What do you know?  It not only applies to us human but it applies to our childhood cartoon character as well!  Take a look at this!

Source from Here!

Well that being say, I've got to apologize to my beloved readers for my long absence.  Lots of things, crazy (good) things has happened this past weeks and the most awesome one so far is that I've got featured in the Newspaper!! .*confetti*  Well, with 6 others but well, at least I was a part of it!  I got featured in the Newspaper!!! (repeats) LOL (for the first time in my life!) The euphoria of that and seeing the happiness that shines from my parents face is priceless <3

The competition's about coming up with ideas for phone apps to bring Malaysians together by DiGi, who started out as a new cellular and ISP few years back which quickly grown to being one of the top cellular and ISP in Malaysia within a span of 10 years give or take and is continuing to forever improving themselves and providing better services for their customers.

From nearly two thousands participants, we were shortlisted to top 30 then top 7 and I was one of the 7!! *confetti once more!*

Picture taken from DigitalNewsAsia :D  With the other 6 participants, Digi Executives and the Event's Partners (hint:  Like Google and also Microsoft Malaysia >D)!  

I honestly never dreamed that I would make it but here I am, I made it and 7 of us are moving on to the next round!  Here's hoping and wish me luck! <3

See you peeps soon and hopefully with better news hahaha! :D

Side note:  End of the World is coming because I've just seen my long lost Bella, that deadly double layer chin of mine after Chinese New Year.

Side side note:  What do you guys think of Korean brows?  I think that they are super in fashion today and I would love to get some and Wengie comes along the way to provide tips on how to get Korean brows!  Check out her video here <3