Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Never Forget the 3 Types of People in Your Life

One, those who have helped when you were in your difficult times.

Two, those who had left you when you were in your difficult times.

Three, those who'd put you in your difficult times.


I came across this so-called principle today and I immediately thought of the old saying "Forgive and Forget".  So what are we supposed to do now?  Are we really to forgive and forget a wrong that was done onto us?  Are we actually CAPABLE of forgiving AND forgetting?

What about you?  Are you the Forgive and Forget type or Forgive but NOT Forget?

I believe up till now, most of us has been 'hurt' or 'wronged' by someone close to us be it your partner, your best friend or just a friend that you thought you could trust.  So what happens after you are wronged?  Do you guys break off the friendship or you simply mend it?  If you DO mend it, what happens next?  You have forgiven the person yes, but would you actually forget what the person has done?

From past experience, I am the forgive but not forget type because I find it impossible to just slip this piece of memory off my mind.  I could push it to the furthest corner my brain could store but it will still be there somewhere.  If only my memory wasn't being such a scumbag during exams where my trusted motto applies:  Study and WILL, MOST DEFINITELY forget.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

My mom is the forgive and forget type because there are times when someone else brought up things that happened sometime ago and she has no recollection of that event happening so I guess the old saying does apply somehow, in certain cases :D

I am sure there are some among us who does NOT forgive and does NOT forget.  I always find it easier to forgive someone for their mistakes but it has proven very hard to forget about it because that feeling of being misunderstood or blamed or victimized, it's much harder to store that memory away.

Anyways, back to today's post, it would seem that the principle stands solid for me.  I am not able to forget those who has helped me in my troubled times.  If I am able to that, I will label myself as a heartless bish and a A-Class Ungrateful person.

Two, I might just totally forget about the person that would ditch me when I am in troubled waters, skipping through the forgiving part conveniently because people like this does not deserve your attention nor sorrows towards them.

Third, WHO in the right mind would actually forget someone who TRIED to DROWN them?!  You could forgive the person if it was done unintentionally (like kicking you full int he face accidentally when you tried to resurface and stuff) but would you actually forget?  I don't think so!  Morever so if it was done intentionally!  You would be mental to actually forgive and forget such person lol -> at least that's my honest opinion :D

Well enough about me, what about you?

Enough of depressing post :D  Some random coordinates throughout the weekend! <3

Saturday! :D  


Miniature Fish-Tail Braid!

I like the back design of this top :D

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