Tuesday, 2 April 2013

100th Followers! Time to Celebrate!

Yes I am a very direct person so as the title implicates, YAY TO HUNDREDTH FOLLOWER on BOTH Google Friend Connect (though it's going away soon) and also Facebook!! To be very honest, though I've always wished to have that many readers one day, I've never dreamt that this day would come and it came so fast that I felt like I've been hit by a bullet train.  That's how happy I am!

When I first started out (there goes the grandmother story), I always content myself that as long as there's just ONE reader out there reading my blog, I will continue writing and what do I know, 9 months later and on April's Fool day, I have one hundred times the amount of what I initially wished for.  100 may be like a quarter or one tenth of the readers you have but with this dream in mind, I will get there one fine day and be one of the stars shining among all of you <3  We all gotta start from zero (literally) but there's no stopping once this engine starts running!

I just want to thank each and every one of you who has read my tl;dr (too long; didn't read / to long to read) posts, nonsensical posts and yet still stayed, liked (or laughed) at my stuff and at last, comments on them.  Your comments keeps me going to know that you have taken your precious time off just to read on my humble (distorted) thoughts and it matters not whether you agree or disagree with me because we will always agree to disagree >D

To my very 100th Facebook like, thank YOU Chanel Chua for liking my page and making this day so memorable to me.

To my very 100th GFC reader, thank YOU Holly-Bella Casell for keeping me going on <3

To those of you who comes in between, thank YOU ALL SO MUCH because without you guys, I will never get my 100th reader!

To celebrate this special day, I am going to share 2 funny facts with all of you just so that everyone can have a laugh and share my happiness with me!

First Funny Fact

My ideal colour of a car would be either white or black because I think a car looks most elegant in this two colousr (except for VW Beetle in Yellow) but little did we know that the older Chinese generation  actually DISAPPROVES of this two colours for cars!  The big WHY?!

My aunt just dropped the bomb on me this evening lol!  According to superstition, white car signifies the ambulance whereas the black car signifies the undertaker's car (touchwood!) which is why older Chinese people will NEVER buy a black or white car!

Second Funny Fact

We used to think humans are funny and that they are aliens because we have hair growing at very weird places like eyebrows in the upper part of your head, armpits, chest hair and not just hair all over our body.

Do you know how hilarious it is for a human to not have eye brows?  Ever thought of it?

You will go from this

To this.

I am giving you nightmares, aren't I?

Okay BAD Photoshop skill but you get the gist >D  SO, be thankful of your brows! Don't over pluck them all off or you might just look like the person above, which is NOT comfortable to look at! <3

Be happy for who you are and what you have, don't change yourself too much just to follow the trend because if it is the no eyebrows trend now, I will... I would.. IT'S NEVER HAPPENING ALRIGHT!

Again, thank you guys so much for making this day happen for me.  It's been a great achievement and together we shall achieve even more!

And like I said, since GFC is going away, BlogLovin is replacing instead so give my BlogLovin some love so that I am able to share my love with you guys as well! <3

Tagline of the day:  Your face looks like McDonald.  Because I'm Lovin it.  <3  (original source:  a post from 9gag)


Picture courtesy of my German friend who celebrates Easter!