Thursday, 4 October 2012


5 years back, I remember giving a small talk in front of my classmates during one of our English class.  No one probably remembers it by now but looking at how things are going for this past few years, I realized what I’ve said has never expired.  In fact, I think it never will.
The title of my talk was “Habit“.  Habit is unchangeable.  Habit is uncontrollable.  The question is “why”?  Why do you keep chewing and peeling your nails whenever you watch some thriller movies?  Why do you always tend to feel sleepy or you just have every other thing to do but sitting down still on your study table and study when exam time is nearing?  Why? Why? WHY?

The answer is so simple.  It answer has always been right in front of us , just that no one ever realizes it.  Let’s study and break down the word :


See anything?  No?
How about…
You throw away the “H”.  What do you see?
“A.B.I.T”  Ring a bell? No? How about ” a bit
What happens when you throw away the “A” this time?
You see “B.I.T” a “bit
So, what happens when you throw away the “B” ?
Yes, the answer is simple, you still have “it“.
Do you see it now?  It doesn’t matter how hard you try changing your old habits because it will never go away.  You try the first step, you will still have “a bit” of it in you.  You try to change a little bit more, you still have “bits” of it in you.  You put in even more effort to get rid of that bad habit of yours, you will always still have “IT”.
Habit- something that’s carved into you so deeply that it’s mark can never be remove.

P/s:  The day you manage to shed the "I" away, you would have then successfully overcome this habit of yours.  Has any of you manage to ever kill off some of your old habits?  Share it with me in the comment section below!


  1. I actually overcame quite a few habits throughout my life... the two most recent ones are overspending money (which I reduced quite a lot now) and the other would be biting / ripping out skin from my my lips when I was bored or nervous.

    The one habit I have been trying to decrease is turning off the alarm clock when it first rings...

    1. It's great that you are overcoming them! Cause ripping skin out is definitely not cool! >:O

  2. My topic was ''commit suicide'' then I started my presentation with this question,''Have you ever thought of commit suicide?'' all my classmates and lecturer stared back at me O.O hahahahaha

  3. LOL yours is a killer topic la wei! How did it go? Share!!