Friday, 5 October 2012

Wedding Guests

I wonder how many of you are attracted by this word right now.

All over my Facebook, I see people getting engaged or getting married.  Some already have kid(s) and I am still in awe.  I keep forgetting that I am no longer 16 or 18 where marriage is still so far ahead.  It came as a shocking realization that I am actually already at the age where one could/should probably be/get married and maybe have kid(s).

How about you?  Are you at the age where you should be married or you should be getting married?  Say age 24 to 28?  Or are you already past that age?  If you are, then are you married or are you still single or with a partner but not married?

If you are not married, why?

I went to attend my colleague's wedding some days back and it was a very simple wedding ceremony where she invited only families and colleagues.  She didn't invite any friends and that apparently sparked some discomfort among her friends.

My question today is:  Who are you to invite IF you are getting married?  Family members?  Friends?  Colleagues?  Some society members?

Must you invite everyone because if you don't, then you might offend a certain group or is the power ultimately up to you?  Are you able to just adamantly select just a certain group of people to attend your wedding?

For me, I believe the power lies with me but that's from my personal point of view.  Society's view might (obviously) differ, if not, the caterers, hotels and restaurants will be packing up their business by now.  So is it really a culture thing or is it a populated by businessman thing to invite as many people as possible to your wedding.

Whatever happened to a small and quiet wedding of YOUR choice or are you forced to invite almost everyone you know?  If you don't invite a certain group of people, will they be offended and most certainly talk bad behind your back?

Do you no longer have that choice?

It's your wedding day.  Aren't you suppose to be the one who makes the call and be the happiest person on that day without taking into account what others feel?  Or should you take into account all their feelings as well?

What do YOU think?


  1. I know I'll give it a lot more thoughts when (if) the time comes, but right now I'd invite my close family, colleagues and friends. Don't really see a need to invite all distinct relatives or family to attend since I don't talk to them anyways.

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