Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Coffee or a Bar?

You must have heard that drinking a cup of coffee a day is good for your health.  No?  Then you better start reading more >D

Testimony of Amanda Chan on how she views coffee"

"Oh, coffee. The a.m. savior, dispenser of energy and the reason why many of us are able to get through the first parts of our days without looking like zombies."

Contrary to popular beliefs, coffee not only works as a fluid alarm clock to keep you awake but it actually gives you health benefits as well!

Just one quick fact, for those of you who are in the journalism line or legal line, drink coffee to improve your proof reading power because according to a recent research in Journal of Experimental Psychology, the caffeine in coffee actually helps you spot grammar mistakes!  Bet you would never thought caffeine could do this!

Quick question!  Are you one of those people who are simply addicted to coffee and not just any coffee but really high quality coffee and is brewed directly in front of you without a fancy name or fancy topping but plain, good'old coffee?

If you are, then stop searching because such a place exist and I am telling you exactly where it is!

They are not only popular with the locals here but even with tourists for serving really high quality coffee for a reasonable price and it's run only by 2 people!  The Double C's: Chew and Chloe :D  They are really nice and they very willingly take time to explain about the properties and taste of each coffee beans that they sell as long as you are willing to learn!!

Even they themselves are proud to say that they offer the best coffee in town because it is the truth!  Check out their official webpage here and their Facebook page here.

#1 Double C's name cards!

#2  Their hand-made menu!  I've always liked cardboard made stuff cause it looks rugged but cool in a sense :D

What is special about Khaki Coffee Bar is, you not only can go there to enjoy a hot glass of coffee but you can also bring it back and DIY at home!  Or even give it to others as gifts cause they sell not only fresh brewed coffee but they are even selling the coffee beans itself <3

It comes in lots of sizes and you can order the amount that you want but for gifts or home consumption, they've packaged it into small cute bags (super air tight and sealed) that you can just pick from their counter and buy it!!

#3  Khaki Coffee Packs and they have various coffee beans from around the world.  Imagine saving up on all the expenses to travel around just to get these coffee beans that you can find right here!

#4  Khaki Coffee Easy Drip Coffee

Well if you do not own a coffee machine, fear not!  For Khaki Coffee Bar is really thoughtful and they've prepared this 'Easy Drip Coffee'.  You can be assured of the quality of the coffee beans inside as its roasted personally by the Double C's and they managed to get a special Japanese packaging where it seals the coffee beans inside and when you open it, you don't even need a sieve or tea bag as you can hook the coffee bean bags along the sides of your cup!  Don't really get what I am saying?  No worries, look at the picture below :D

#5  Steps!  

First, you open the sealed package!

Second, hooked it to your cup!

Third, pour hot water in! And be prepared to enjoy a hot cup of steamy yummy coffee <3

# 6 Bunny Latte Art!

It was cappuccino really, but it looks so cuteeeeee! (You can request them to do the Latte Art of your choice but of course, reasonable requests only!)

#7  Half cup gone but Bunny's still alive!

#8 Chew teaching Aryanna on the different types of coffee beans and size and shapes.  Ask and you shall be answered!  Ask Chew of course, not me =P

#9  Aryanna and Me <3

 #10  Caught Chew trying to adjust his camera position for the group picture =P  Chloe was laughing so bad when I took this hahaha

 #11 Group photo!  Tata!  This is the only picture not taken by me but by Chew <3  Turns out great! <3

 We had a really fun time there and for those of you who have been there, you know how great they are and for those of you who are dying to go, HERE is the address of this Coffee Heaven!

Bar's Address: No. 632
                     Jalan Melaka Raya 10
                     Taman Melaka Raya
                     75000 Melaka

Contact No.: +6012 786 2591

Email Address:

Bar's Hours:

Daily from 1000 to 1800, closed Every Monday

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  1. Now if they are even using Fair Trade coffee it'll be super awesome (not like it already is :D).

    The rabbit face looks really awesome =D

    It's so nice to see what just two people can do for others. They got such a nice restaurant and server pretty awesome coffee from what I can read here. Keep up the good work, Chew and Chloe!