Monday, 1 October 2012

Asian Slang and Pranks

Darn it, if I ever get someone like this on the phone, I am going to kill that person >D

#1  Video by Ownage Pranks

Old Uncle is authentic Asian Dude and the guy making the prank call is an American.

Just so you know, the last phrase that the old uncle uttered was 'Diu Nei Lou Mou' which means fark your old mother in Cantonese.

All this while, I've always thought to myself:  Why does Americans or American Born Chinese (ABC) tends to speak in this 'English - Chinese Slang' and it is only after this video that I realized:  Does older generation Chinese who lives in American SOUNDS like THAT?

It's always the same tone all over again but WE, or at least I, I don't think I sound like that Asian dude from the video!

We Malaysians have our special English Slang that is unlike others.  To fit in our society, just add on '-la', '-lo', '-liao' or even '-ma' at the end of every English sentences and you will fit in perfectly.  All those la lo ma does not mean anything at all, it's merely a slang like how some people think adding the word '-ne' to the end of every Japanese sentences they say makes them Japanese.  We do not have that weird tone like the guy from the video.  We have weirder intonations >D

101 Guide to speaking English in Malaysia:

1.  Q:   Eat breakfast liao ma?
    A:    Ate liao.

2.  Q:   Want to have lunch ma?
    A;    Busy la.

3.  Q:   You reach McDonalds at 6 p.m. la!
    A:    No problem la.

4.  Q:    I have to go toilet la!
    A:    Go la, no one stopping you.

5.  Q:    How's your day la?
    A:     Like that lo.

Enjoy your stay in Malaysia with mishberries's 101 Guide to Communicate Fluently in Malaysia! <3

Well before you go, you could check this out!  Darn funny!  Racist Starbucks Prank >D

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