Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Day with the Mentally Disabled

I can't think of a better eye-catching title because I really need you to read this so I just simply spell out the hard, cold truth directly.

Last Sunday was special.  Instead  of spending my entire Sunday lazying around my bed or strolling around mall, I decided to do something better even if it's just ONE Sunday.  More like my friend, Aryanna initiated it, which I am thankful for.

I've always wanted to go and do/experience charity.  Just go to see and understand how are the people living like.  How's their condition?  Are they secretly being abused by the people taking care of them?

And also, I refuse to donate to those who comes to ask for money at the eating table or those that I see in malls because I never knew if they are really from such institution or they are just plain scammers so I've always told myself to pick my lazy ass up to visit at least one charity house in the near future.

We visited the Happiness Centre for the Mentally Disabled Children (website found here).  Brought clothes and can food for them and no, they were not neglected nor ill treated in any way.  All the children are very properly dressed and we even saw how they bathe them and help them brush their teeth.  It amazed me that there are really still people like this on Earth who really cares about the rest of them who are less fortunate.

#1  Food and clothes

There are currently 32 children aged between 6 months to 34 years old staying here and they are managed by only a few staff.  It's a sad news that they can't accept more than 34 children at one time due to two reasons:

i.  Financial reason;
ii. Government limitation.

The License that was given to them to run this Centre limits the number of children to a maximum of 34 children at a time.  So we naturally asked the next question:  Since the Gov is setting such limitation, are they funding you?  We got a straight and honest answer:  No.

If you are around Melaka, do pay them a visit and give them a helping hand.  Below are the things they urgently need for the time being.  If you have such items and its no longer of any use to you, please bring it to the Centre for people who really need it.

Even if you are not from Melaka, there are still ways for you to help!  Via monetary sense, which you can make a donation to the Centre via Public Bank Account No.: 3108010508.

#2  Urgently Needed Items

#3  Their plea for help

Well, below will be pictures of some of the children that I've taken from the Centre.  I have to be honest with you, it is not a nice sight AND, it is actually very depressing looking at them and knowing their background.

This kids are all abandoned by their parents due to their physical attribution and the reason why they are physically challenged is because their 'mothers' gave birth to them at the age of 13 or 14 where they themselves are not physically prepared for bearing a baby.

I've said it many times and I will say it again.  Do practice safe sex.  It's very painful for everyone else to see the mess that you've made out of your life:  Abandoning your child, abortion or even murdering them.

So if you do have the time, please visit this children and contribute a bit to the Centre.  Divided we are weak, Together, we are strong.  All your little contribution WILL help this kids and also the people running this Centre.

#4  6 Months old baby having hemorrhage.  If you see closer, you will notice she has a huge scar on her head because they have to remove the blood clot from her head

#5  This kid is prone to hitting whoever is near her.  Some of them could still stand or walk about but the rest of them are not fortunate.

#6  Child with deformed limbs

#7  Child who are born without feet and fingers.  Unable to move at all.

Please, please, PLEASE, do go and help them in any way possible.  Don't just care about our own lives and start caring about other people as well.  Be grateful that we are born normal.  Stop saying that you are financially challenged, fat, ugly or that you are not that smart because compared to them, we have it much much easier.

Out of 32 kids in the Centre, only ONE can talk, and her name is Emma.  Emma is 24 this year and although she speaks a bit slower, she could recognize people and converse with them in Malay.

Do our best to help them.  Remember that there are always people like them out there. Light up some colours in their life.  Visit them, contribute to them in any way you can.  Every single bit of your contribution do make a difference.

 #8  Emma. 

Colour their world, not just yours.


Directions to go to the Centre:

"From Malacca Town, head towards Klebang which is near the coast.  Along the main road of Jalan Pokok Mangga, look out for a high-rise condominium called Selat Horizon.  Immediately after the entrance to Selat Horizon is the turn-off into Taman Anggerik (Jalan Anggerik 1).  A Taman Anggerik signboard sits at the turn-off.  Take the turning and the house is on your left about 30 metres from the turning."

Contact Details:

4803-C, Jalan Anggerik 1
Taman Anggerik Klebang Kecil
75200 Melaka

Phone:  +606 336 4561

Fax:      +606 336 4564

Contact Person's Name:  Roy Collar

Email Address:  pkktabahagia_happiness@yahoo.com or pkktab@starmail.com

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  1. If the government isn't funding it, why are they even allowed to place a limit? What is it for, exactly?

    I think it is really amazing that there are actually people out there who sacrifice their (whole?) time and money to help those people.

    I haven't visited or seen a charity center before in my life, but I've been around mentally disabled people for a long time already (family & friends' family) so I know how hard it is to care for them. Maybe one day I'll get to help charity centers too, who knows.

    I salute you two (and many others) who went to help those unlucky people.