Thursday, 11 October 2012

Digi is Bringing in 4G!!!! OMGEEEE O.O

Okay shit just got real.

Shit just hit the fan.

Shit is coming to Malaysia because this is DA SHITZ!  O.O

I just found out that, Digi, as in OUR MALAYSIA'S DiGi, is bringing 4G into Malaysia, the first 4G provider in ASIA and it's known as "The Tomorrow Network".

I can't believe this O.O

Read here for more.

I wonder how much will they charge for the plans?  For those who are really eager to get your iPhone 5, don't get it from Singapore or anywhere else because I heard that the price of iPhone 5 will be the same as iPhone 4S when it was first launched so why risk the warranty and also there is a chance your imported iPhone will not be able to function here (plus the fact that you are gonna spend an extra couple of hundreds).

I've also heard (you must be wondering where I hear all this things lol) that most likely iPhone 5 will be launched in Malaysia on October 19th, 2012.  How true is this, I am not sure but even if it's true, the waiting list will be more than a month definitely cause they are anticipating twice the amount of people buying than last year's 4S.

Well good luck and all the best in hoping 4G really comes to Malaysia!

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  1. Well, 4G is such a scam over here.
    Look at the following Telco contracts:
    Highspeed volume of 300 MB with 21,6 Mbps (roughly 2.5 MB/second). This lasts for less than 2 minutes and afterwards you are being trimmed down by 99,7% (64 Kbps). If you round it up you have nothing left.

    Now the 4G plan: Up to 100 Mbps for 600 MB of traffic. That will last you 48 seconds, afterwards you will be trimmed by 99,936%.

    All that for an additional 10 bucks - or in other words, 746 bucks per hour.
    It's not even worth it for just the latency. Maybe if it was 2 bucks per month.

    Fuck 4G in this country.