Thursday, 4 April 2013

Questing in Online Gaming = Chasing After Girls

Random Thursday thoughts.

I am actually a semi huge online game person, especially MMORPG aka Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  No, not those type of BDSM Role play games but rather those like Guild Wars, Ragnarok Online or Left for Dead 2 where there are ready made characters and you may or may not be able to change the appearance of the characters, usually does not have a preset story lines and you could just do whatever you want in the game like hunting monsters or finishing quests to get an item or to level up, or just go online and chat with people from all over the world.  I am also not a self proclaim gamer girl because I am not until that extend and I doubt I will ever be.  I suck at aiming or killing stuff but it's fun to escape the real world sometimes and just become someone with super magical powers in a game and wear ridiculously pretty clothes in game >D

Check this out.  You go from this

Job: Sage Original Image from iROwiki

To this

Job: Professor Original Image: iROwiki

To this!

Job: Sorceror Original Image: iROwiki

Look at how pretty and awesome they look!! I am undeniably a HUGEEEEEE fan of Ragnarok Online ONE and I have been playing non-stop for several years at one point of time in my life and currently on and off, jumping from servers to servers.  Left for Dead 1 & 2 is cool, you could be either the survivors killing off zombies or you could be the zombies trying to kill off survivors! (I convince myself with each passing year that it is aokay to be young at heart! T_T)

Then just the other day, a random thought struck me.  It seems to me like doing quests on MMORPG is somehow similar to the process of chasing after a girl!  Except harder.  Now there's 2 questions on your mind.

First:  What the heck is questing?

Second:  I can't see the any relation whatsoever between questing and courting a girl.

There there.

Well you can think of questing in a game is somewhat similar to 'finishing an assignment' in real life where you have to collect materials, do certain things within a time frame and if you manage to do everything in the exact order, you would have finished the quest.  It's like how one usually collects data then type everything out in their assignment then pass it up to their lecturers within certain time frame and you are considered done!  But just because you finished it (assignment or quest) doesn't mean you will get a full 100% or the item that you want!  That's the annoying part about assignment quest.

Why would one do the quest if it's so troublesome?  Well at times it's a requirement, just as your assignment.  You gotta do it not because you like it but because you have to in order to get to the next level or to pass that frigging paper!  Or at times, there are certain special items that you cannot just buy in-game or you have to purchase them with real money and you don't wish to so you resort to questing.

Questing is usually a pain in the ass as it takes a long time to complete, comes with instructions after instructions and if you miss one instruction, you are screwed up.  At times, there are even hidden instructions that you can only unlock after doing certain steps!

I mean, questing in a game reminds me of the scenario of a guy chasing after a girl!  Takes a long time  to achieve, superbly complicated and if you miss one step or put one toe out of the line, you can kiss the girl bye bye and even if you DO manage to complete the quest courting, your girl might not turn out just the way you thought they would be! They could come with an extra compulsive PMS behaviour every other day except 5 days in the month where they are PMS free, OR so overly attached that she tells you during Easter it is time for your sperm to swim towards her eggs!  Or the golden word:  Friendzoned.

It feels like that towards quest items too.  When you are doing the quest you feel overly excited and perhaps at times you set your expectations way too high and when you fail, you feel superbly dejected or when you succeed, it turns out to be something that you might not like.

Of course not every relationship or quest is like that.  At times after the long hours of grinding and courting and you have finally succeeded, you come to realize that this is the exact thing that you have been looking for like how Taylor Swift pens it "memorizing him was as easy as knowing all the words to your old favourite song".  There are of course always a happy ending to everything <3

Lol like I said, random thoughts.  Doesn't have to make sense.  Just keeping myself happy <3

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