Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Which is Your Type of Fuel??

Petrol?  Gasoline? Diesel?  Which is your type of fuel that runs your engine?  NO LOL, not talking about THAT type of fuel and THAT type of Engine.

Last weekend, I met up with an old friend and we got into talking about relationships and personal characteristic, what are we looking for and he said something really interesting.  He described it as "her love is what's keeping my engine running" and that got me thinking.  I think it's a really nice metaphor to correctly describe a lot of situations that we are in today.

The engine that we are talking about here is our heart and the fuel is the driving force behind what's motivating us, keeping us determined and always looking forward.  Always reaching out higher with each passing day and trying so hard to just succeed.

What's yours?  Which is your fuel that fires up your engine?

My interpretation of my mechanical heart and my fuel.  Done in Photoshop CS3.

I gave it a short thought.  Love and Family is definitely in the equation but that's not the only equation.  There are multiple factors or fuels that keeps a person's engine running.  Perhaps it's for money.  Perhaps its for yourself.  Then I realized, whichever factor you chose, it is not of importance.  Important thing is it keeps you looking forward, never wanting to stop whatever you are doing and only giving yourself room for improvement.

So what about you?  Which is YOUR type of fuel?

Behind each of this factor, there's a short story to it.  

The ones who chooses LOVE as their fuel are usually a person of more sentimental and emotional values who uses ones wit and time to learn new things to satisfy their partner.  They would do the impossible if they could.

The one who chooses MONEY is usually someone who grew up in extreme environments:  They are either pretty rich to begin with, or pretty poor and when they have a chance to make their own money, this motivation usually drives them like fire.  Just remember to keep a look out and not let the fire burn you.

The one who chooses FAMILY are ones that has very close bonds with their parents, their partners or at times for their children.  This is someone who simply wants the best for their family.

The one who chooses SELF is someone who wants to prove themselves very hard, very self motivated and nothing is going to stop them from succeeding and making it bigger than what they already have.  They are not selfless, they simply has high pride and believes that they alone can make a huge change to their surrounding and make it better.

No one is always limited to just ONE factor because only the sky is the limit.  If you have more than one of this fuels that runs your engine, you will go a long way from here and most likely than not, to achieve your goals.

Good day, people.