Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Which is Your Type of Fuel??

Petrol?  Gasoline? Diesel?  Which is your type of fuel that runs your engine?  NO LOL, not talking about THAT type of fuel and THAT type of Engine.

Last weekend, I met up with an old friend and we got into talking about relationships and personal characteristic, what are we looking for and he said something really interesting.  He described it as "her love is what's keeping my engine running" and that got me thinking.  I think it's a really nice metaphor to correctly describe a lot of situations that we are in today.

The engine that we are talking about here is our heart and the fuel is the driving force behind what's motivating us, keeping us determined and always looking forward.  Always reaching out higher with each passing day and trying so hard to just succeed.

What's yours?  Which is your fuel that fires up your engine?

My interpretation of my mechanical heart and my fuel.  Done in Photoshop CS3.

I gave it a short thought.  Love and Family is definitely in the equation but that's not the only equation.  There are multiple factors or fuels that keeps a person's engine running.  Perhaps it's for money.  Perhaps its for yourself.  Then I realized, whichever factor you chose, it is not of importance.  Important thing is it keeps you looking forward, never wanting to stop whatever you are doing and only giving yourself room for improvement.

So what about you?  Which is YOUR type of fuel?

Behind each of this factor, there's a short story to it.  

The ones who chooses LOVE as their fuel are usually a person of more sentimental and emotional values who uses ones wit and time to learn new things to satisfy their partner.  They would do the impossible if they could.

The one who chooses MONEY is usually someone who grew up in extreme environments:  They are either pretty rich to begin with, or pretty poor and when they have a chance to make their own money, this motivation usually drives them like fire.  Just remember to keep a look out and not let the fire burn you.

The one who chooses FAMILY are ones that has very close bonds with their parents, their partners or at times for their children.  This is someone who simply wants the best for their family.

The one who chooses SELF is someone who wants to prove themselves very hard, very self motivated and nothing is going to stop them from succeeding and making it bigger than what they already have.  They are not selfless, they simply has high pride and believes that they alone can make a huge change to their surrounding and make it better.

No one is always limited to just ONE factor because only the sky is the limit.  If you have more than one of this fuels that runs your engine, you will go a long way from here and most likely than not, to achieve your goals.

Good day, people.


  1. I choose Family! :)

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  2. Hmmm interesting topic! Though, I don't know mine. Do I even have one? <--- lazy ass
    I know I love my family, and I know I love money (I'll be honest lol), though those aren't 'fuels', to keep me running. I don't really know if I have a 'fuel' to begin with. I just do something that I like to do (e.g. art), but I don't know WHY and WHAT's keeping me to continuously do it. It's not the fame (though it's nice to have it), it's not the money (that's nice to have too), and I'm not drawing coz my family said so either. I don't know what's the 'fuel' running behind my 'art engine'. I just do it. Does it work that way? Or, unless by 'fuel', you mean the endless chocolate bars and honey-water and biscuits and candy and other sweet things that I need as energy source when I go on an art spree? lol

  3. Interesting post.. Mine are...God. Family and friends. Books. Writing. Fangirling. I think that's all. Does chocolate count?

  4. I think I am *self, with an emphasis on creative outlet... so I feel the most fulfilled when I am creating... and I definately HOPE chocolate counts... it's the BEST fuel ;-)
    Thanks for posting and getting us thinking :-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  5. Amazing!! i love your blog! and your style it´so trendy!! nice to meet u honey!!! i hope see u soon in my blog!!! c.o.c.o.

  6. amazing post sweetie!

    I have a strange kind of engine that just keeps running no matter what I put in it, like I'm one of those cars that can run on vegetable oil or nail polish or whatevs, hahahahahah! Sometimes, for sure, LOVE is a major fuel for me, but sometimes it's the opposite, it just makes it harder for me to function and be creative or generally just think about anything else other than the fact that i'M IN LOVE hahahahahha!

    I think art, music and literature are fuels for me :) they keep me aspiring to be better xoxoxoxox

  7. I really love your posts! They always make me think! I really don't know if for me is love or family. Couldn't it be the two? I know many people for whom money or self is the way. Not for me. Self sometimes, maybe... I think it's normal that sometimes we put ourselves in front, otherwise people command us. But very seldom I had I put myself first, I think, or I hope.
    By the way, I just passed an award to you!

  8. Awesome post again!
    For me personally it's all of them combined (I know that sounds super cheesy, but it's the truth). If I HAD to choose between one, it would be "love". The second would be "self".
    I don't mean I neglect family or money, but they just come after love and myself in my motivational thinking.

  9. That is a hard one! I think I'm love :) How could anyone really survive without it?!

  10. Love Fuel .

    Yea when i have a star love ? I go crazy about it especially when it comes to the hottest guy in Korea.You Know him Song Joong Ki.he is so Pretty and brainy in Running Man Only watch his episodes. I will go crazy of his birthday and where is he from ? He is living In Daejeon!! I have rank in above all the other actors ? Now He is the top 1 in my list ? hope i can find in Korea ??


  11. Family and friends...then FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! hahaha

  12. Definitely FAMILY! This is an awesome post

  13. family!! by the way, nice post. I am already following you on GFC. hope you can following me back. xo,

  14. Mine is LOVE!

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  15. i think everything is important? but i would choose love first, then self, then family :D

  16. My engine - is Jesus Christ. Reading His Word and praying makes me the best and humble person that I am today. My success in being a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter, an aunt, and a future mother is all because of my Heavenly Father. I have been without God for a long time and i was miserable and suicidal, but once I met my Savior I see beauty in everything. I am successful and happy in life like I have never been before. For that I can't thank Him enough!

  17. My fuel gotta be self. Or perhaps love. cannot choose between those two :D
    xo, Lara

  18. My fuel is a mixture of all the ones you mentioned ! I loved this post and I loved your comment on my blog, thank you SO much, I do appreciate your kind words very much ! Yes, I love fashion and love being funny, also cause a smile is the best thing we could ever wear, right ? I am following you too on FB and on GFC and Bloglovin ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  19. I adore your blog! Following you now on Bloglovin and GFC, hope you visit me and if you like Follow back so that we can stay connected!
    Kisses from Miami,

  20. Love this! I was just in a class learning about fuel/motivation, I think a big factor to me is fear. Fear of disappointing myself and others. All four of these options are big motivators for me too.

    xo Haylee

  21. Great post, it's hard to choose just one, but I think love and family!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :D
    Such a great blog by the way, I'll follow you ;)

  22. My fuel is HAPPINESS.

  23. Girlll. haha been loving you already. thanks for all the support. link me your fbook a page I will like it back :D

    Now for your question, my favorite fuel is GOD. you missed that one :D and Family and Self.

    were u from btw? mwah

  24. This is so cool! I especially love your mechanical heart doodle, it's a great interpretation of the subject :) Did you use a tablet to make it?
    My fuel is myself right now, because I know I have it in me to accomplish my goals as long as I work hard stay motivated. I know that I can always count on myself at the end of the day to keep me on track.
    And thank you so much for the comment you left for me last week! Reading it seriously brightened my day/week/month ♥
    xoxo, vivian | seattleite fashionista

  25. This was awesome! thanks for sharing!!!

  26. my fuel would be myself, because I believe that I am the only factor that has the will to act, especially my art
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  27. :-) Great post dear!


  28. I think my family, myself, love to my husband and Bikram Yoga to unwind.

    Ewelina & Eva

  29. Another great thought provoking post again.

    Now it's not me being too lazy to really just think of one, but I genuinely think all four of those things drive me in life and are all intertwined with each other. As you know I don't have a boyfriend but have so much love for my family and friends and that drives me to be the best person i can be for them. At work money drives me so that i can do all the nice things in life that I want and support my family if needs be, which brings me on to family. I don't have kids, but I want to make my parents proud as they have done so much for me and finally ultimately it's me (self) who has to push myself to do all of the above and more!

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  31. my fuel has to be love, I moved to a different country to be with the person I love!

    I tagged you on the "influences of the internet tag", you can find it here


    Inspirations Have I None

  32. to me, my fuel is love!! you have really great post that got me thinking and reflecting about myself!
    i guess without love, you wouldnt have all the other fuel at all!

  33. I say self and love.:) But self definitely first. Although money doesn't hurt either.:D but coming from a broken home I learned to not need a family so that isn't really a factor to me. I value friends and friendships more than family... Not family members, but family as a value.:)

  34. wow beautiful!!!!

  35. ohhh this is really nice post. mine isssss love!! xD

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  36. this is a tough question
    i choose love because if i don't love something i won't be motivated

  37. It's defo love for me. I'm kind of pathetic when I'm in love, ha!

    Corinne x

  38. I love surveys like this!! there's a book called the 5 Love Languages that I think you would be fascinated with. Explains all the different ways people love.

    The House of Shoes

  39. This is such an interesting post, mine would have to be self, family, and love. :)

  40. ohh I love survey type things like this.
    I have to say for me, all of those drive me. If I had to choose one, it would be either self or love. I think I am pretty self motivated when it comes to things such as school assignments or chores, but love can also make me really motivated.
    I love that drawing you made because it illustrates everything perfectly.

  41. I'm loving your recent posts, oh so deep! Mine would be self or love! love that drawing (:
    Hope you're well! xx

  42. Mmm... I think you must be busy studying! I hope you are fine!

  43. Interesting post....I choose LOVE :))

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    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  44. I would chose love and family. Seeing my family happy and accomplishing their dreams, hopes and wishes gets me on an unbelievable high. It's the equivalent of drugs. Although, lately, they seem to be suffering, so I've been really 'de-fueled' as of late. I would also add, films. I know this sounds crazy, but I have a burgeoning passion for films and cinema. They are like my addiction. A great film that inspires me and moves me really elevates my soul. I know, I'm wierd.

    Thanks for continuing to post though provoking questions :)


  45. I think my main fuel is my family, I don't know what I would do without them, honestly. Other fuels for me are music, literature, art and philosophy. Also, one thing that particularly fuels me is the desire to engender change in the world and at least try to contribute to making a difference in terms of our environment and what we are doing to our planet.

    Great post that really gets your mind working!!! :)

  46. Again a super interesting entry!! The first thing I thought was "SELF" and only that... but that's really sad and then I thought that my family and love are also very important to me. Your mechanical heart drawing is awesome!

  47. Mhmmm definitely choosing family, self c: xx

  48. i need all of them actually ;-)

  49. Hey, haven't seen you update in a while.. hope you're ok :)


  50. well, mine is MONEY. haha :D