Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hi, For the First Time in One Month ^^

I've been pondering lately, whether to let my blog simply die out or to continue.  I've been on this tab numerous time, each time opening and then closing it even before I pen the first few words but once I start I guess it's easier to go on rather than stopping down.

I am fine, to all of you kind souls who left me messages asking if I am alright, I am very fine ^^ Just been buried by lots of things lately and it dreads my inner guilt that I have not been visiting each of your blog for close to a month.  I was a bit 'star struck' truth be told and it's not easy to keep up but here I am, my faith renewed and my energy flowing back to me >D  Thanks to all of you so much who has been telling me to not stop doing something that I enjoy.

Godbrother drew this for me in plea of asking me to blog ;_; Thank you, and also the rest of you who encourages me.  Sometimes in life you need that extra push to get you out of that pothole :)

Lately there has been multiple issues that has been popping out and making me think, something thatI don't do often which requires the using of my head to think.  I have a slight split personality:  I either let go completely and just go with the flow for a period of time and at times I just wake up in the middle of this cold reality and  I make a sudden decision where there is no turning back.  It's tiring to even keep up with myself because at times I don't know what I want or I know what I want but I cannot get it so it's frustrating.  Life does not hand you everything that you want in a plate decorated in gold.  In fact it comes in broken pieces at times and you have to fix the pieces and it comes down to whether or not you are able to fix it and get a complete plate or, you leave it hanging and uncompleted.

The current me lol, Godbrother's illustration of me and he calls it "Squished Berries" Orz

That aside, there has been major huh-hah in my country, Malaysia as the election has just passed.  Let me tell you something very briefly about my country.  We are a very interesting bunch of people as we have multiple races (Malay, Chinese, Indian) staying together for the past decades and it is the only country where you can utter a sentence in four (4) different languages but it makes complete sense to us:

"Wei" is the Chinese slang of "Hey"
"Macha" is the Indian slang of "Bro"
"Makan" is the Malay slang of "Eat"
"Tapau" is the Chinese slang of "Take away"

Complete sentence:  Hey bro, you want to eat here or take away? >D

Unlike other countries where you have one or two major celebrations per year such as Christmas or New Year, in Malaysia, we have holidays for festive season almost every quarterly of the year:  Starts with New Year, then comes Chinese New Year, Gawai (Harvest Festival), Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and among others in chronological order.  We enjoy a wide variety of delicacies ranging from spicy curries, rendang chicken to chinese dumplings.  My Godbrother pointed this out to me, from the book of Life of Pi where Pi said "A good day starts with a good meal" and with all this awesome food daily, how can we not be satisfied?  In fact, Malaysians have a high rate of obesity and heart attack cases lol:  Too happy for our own good >D

Our blend of unique culture does not stop here.  We, regardless of our race, we have often extend our hospitality to foreigners.  We practically worship foreigners lol be it you are from Europe, Middle East or Asia itself, we see you we are automatically nicer to you and we itch to start a conversation with you because we are curious creatures with the exception of taxi drivers >D  They see you they see dollar sign on your face hahaha.

Recently, the election that falls on 5th May 2013 could be considered as one of the historical turn of event in Malaysia's history.  Many years back, not many people cared about politics or the ruling Government.  We were blind, shadowed in the dark.  We merely follow the direction of that dim light that was shown to us, totally oblivious to what is happening in the dark around us.  For the first time, we have fully utilize our four senses to hear(ear) what the ruling party and the Opposition has to say, see (eyes) for our own eyes what has been done, not been done or what has been fabricated, investigate via social media or papers of the propaganda (touch) and share (mouth) by word of mouth among friends and families.  We have never once stand so united and this is the start of something new. "We" in this context means everyone from all age of lives: Even those who are not of age to vote to as old as a 90 year old Grandmother.

I would not term this as a revolution but rather a wish for a change and with every want of change, there is an equal want of NOT to change.  There are always two sides to a coin.  Whatever we have, always remember that the other side has it.  Perhaps even more.  We could stand united with this 4 senses, we could harm with this 4 senses too.

Each side has their own good and bad, there is no one ruling party being the perfect one without any shortcoming.  Everything comes with a shortcoming.  Heck, even a mechanical device comes with shortcoming, e.g. poor battery life despite how brilliant it is in every other performance.

Racial tension has never been stronger, but racial unity is not losing out at all.  If we can extend our courtesy to a foreigner who is not even from this land, we should go the extra mile and extend even more to our own fellow country mates because after all, we are all from this same piece of land we call as home.

For those of you from the opposition, you may not have won this election but hey, you've made a change.  You've spoke out for yourselves, let your voices be heard.  You are no longer this small humming sound running in the background but you are standing in the spot light right now and your every voice and breath is heard loud and clear.

For those of you from the ruling Government, you have won this election but hey, you cannot ignore the voices of the masses anymore.  If you want to stay in the sandbox, you've got to learn how to share that one same sandbox with the other big boys who has come to join in the game or you are in for a bad time.

This is what's currently happening in my country.  A tug of war between two strong teams and you can't say for sure who is leading.  It is indeed one eventful historical event.  Just a small introduction to what's currently happening here =p

As for myself, a word from me to me:  No one knows what the future holds.

I know this post is a bit jumble up because my mind are in pieces right now, trying to stitch it back but here's to a good start.  Cheers ^^

P/s:  I had a nice short break back to my hometown <3

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