Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Singing Is Not My Forte

But it is something that I like and enjoy doing.

I used to tell those around me that one of the things to do in my life is to record a song and put it on YouTube one fine day and like everything else, days passes in the blinks of eyes and there's still no song, no YouTube.

One night, I decided to pick up my 10 bucks microphone from years back and just started singing and recording in really bad quality and bad singing.  After that I decided to send it to my Godbrother for some laughs and what a turn of events.  Instead of laughing at me, he actually encouraged me to post it on YouTube.  What he said was if I never do it that night, I will never do it and I will never start.  He told me everyone needs a starting point and that is one truth that I cannot ignore so I did.

I posted my first ever singing video on YouTube on 7th of February this month and by today, I've posted my 3rd video.  It is far from perfection, very near to imperfection but hey, one achievement accomplished in life is one step nearer to chasing down all your dreams and doing them and that in itself is something special and intimate to yourself.  Its like feeding your soul with happiness and with life instead of just stressing and dumping it with work loads and tiredness.

I know that I still sound like I have not gone through puberty nor someone with great vocal but I am glad and thankful enough to have a voice to use and because of that, it overcome my fear and shyness of sharing it with all of you.  Quite on the contrary, I am happy and humbly would like to share my singing with the rest of you and hope that you would in turn chase down your dreams and do it irregardless of what type of dream it is.

So here's Stay The Night by Zedd ft Hayley Williams for you =3

On a side note, I would be away for few weeks for some long awaited vacation so don't forget to follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page so that you can catch up with me when I am away! I promise to post pictures of glorious food at least once daily when I am away! <3

See you guys soon!

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Stay The Night: Zedd ft Hayley WIlliams <3  I've decided to add the caption to my YouTube video! Not sure why didn't I thought of that before =p