Friday, 11 April 2014

Humans are like Fruits

Yep, you heard me right.

I was skinning off my apple and then it simply occur to me what other words that we could use to describe a human being other than the normal materialistic, kind, pretty, hot, bitchy, pretty on the outside, rotten on the inside or vice versa, we could simply say that they are like fruits!

You could buy a basket full of apples, bring it home and leave it in your fridge or anywhere you normally put your fruits and until the day you want to eat it, you walk over and start picking them up one by one, selecting from either the best looking one to eat or the worst looking one to eat (depending on each individual) or some would just simply pick one up without really minding.

Tonight, I randomly picked one up and when I was washing it, I thought to myself "Woots, I got a pretty looking apple this time" because the skin looks perfect, no dents, nice colouration and as I was skinning it, I noticed it was actually a bit rotten and swollen on the inside.  Well that's still fine but when I was eating it, it didn't taste as good as well =< Less juicy, not as sweet as the ones before which has more rotten looking, wrinkly skin and then it struck me, hey, does this not apply to us human as well?

Many times, not all the time but many a time, those who looks better or is richer or smarter, they look real great on the outside.  They have the looks, they have the brains, put simply, they've got the swag but on the inside, they are really nasty but many a time, those who does not look as good on the outside, they turn out to be real angels on the inside.  

The ideal person would be someone who is pretty on the outside, darn pretty on the inside as well but these does not come by regularly but I am fortunate enough to have come by a number of these type of people in my life.  To name one would be my mom.  She's really pretty on the out side, still look darn great for her age now and still have a kind soul.  That being said though, she's got the temper of a tigress buuuuuuuut I will talk about that another time (if I live to tell the tale xD).  Well, no one's that ideal, apparently =P

Fortunately for me though, I've come across those who has the means but yet they still retain the same humility and humbleness like the rest of us, if not more.  The one that I know actually offers a helping hand much more than any of us ever did because first, they can, second, they really are sincere in helping others.  I've actually learnt this from seeing someone close to me, he would never fail to help those in need like an old crippled aunt who always camps outside a certain mall with an old dog or just a little kid who would come and sell small little boxes of mochi.  If he could, he would pay them much more than the amount that it is worth so this shows that sometimes, a person can truly be beautiful on the outside and equally beautiful on the inside.

But of course, there are times when some of them who does not look as good has an equally repulsive enough manner to really just invite everyone else around them for some good free punches and that's really just like fruits.

When you pick one papaya up and just simply judging it by the skin, you might be dead set right about how it taste like just by looking at it or you could be so wrong and that's all for this time!

See you guys real soon! <3

Random Mish strikes again,
Love <3