Thursday, 6 February 2014


My Godbrother's friend decided to give her additional Netflix account to us because she wouldn't be using it for this year anyways and thus, we celebrate because

1. Its Netflix;
2. It's free!!

That IS a valid reason to celebrate!

20 seconds later


"We are sorry but Netflix is not supported in your country." in their freaking default font.


Thank you awesome country, for blocking out Netflix. -bow-

URGH, dem rage.

That was 5 months ago and yesterday while talking to this Murican friend of mine, he said he's watching Attack on Titans on Netflix and I casually popped in saying we do not have Netflix here.


My reply was, "Well, I have THE INTERNET." So much win \o / At least imo its a win ;w;

Let me put it this way for you.

The internet is like the engine of a car which is the most important part of the car, the life of the car.  Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, (colour)tube, etc, they are all merely accessories to the Internet / Car.  If you have them, all the better as they boost the human experience but if you have some and is lacking some, overall as long as you still have the care engine and it runs, I can still make do with that because it still takes me to my destination somehow, one way or another because without Internet.

The car engine is equivalent to your Internet.  The horse power is equivalent to your internet speed.  You have a Proton, well good luck to you.  You will reach your destination 10 light years later like how that YouTube is loading at 144p and its still taking forever.

You have a Toyota, woots, thats like having 4MB speed.

You have a BMW, that's fibre optic for you.

Ferrari?  That's 4G right there man.  "What's that?  It's a bird!  Its a helicopter! Nooo! IT'S FOUR GEEEEEE!"

So yes, we still manage to live in a country without Netflix because le power of the Internet is unstoppable!  As long as we have the Internet we shall thrive and repopulate like there's no tomorrow!

Your car tyres or type of car like a manual or automatic car is comparable to your gaming mouse or keyboard.  It is all part of aiding the user experience but the engine, is still the most important of all.

Random post is random, yep yep.

I am a little mind blown by myself.