Saturday, 5 October 2013

5 Seconds Later

This morning I dreamt I was playing with a cute chubby brown cat or more like, attacked by a cute chubby brown cat and it was sticking itself to my body like how a magnet sticks to a fridge.  Mind image for you:

1 Minute MS Paint Job

And 5 seconds later, the moment I woke up the first thought that came to me was " I have to wash my hands".

Then just now I was being a part time gardener (again) (You can check out my Instagram for my previous works <3 Name: Mishberries) and today, I decided to be slightly not so creative and decided to reproduce what I saw in Disneysea Japan last year, but in my own style <3

Find the Hidden Mickey!

And le gardener thyself <3


5 eventful seconds later.

You must be asking, what happened?  Why are the leaves scrambled?  Where's Mishberries?

The answer to 5 seconds later after the first picture of the leaves: (It's a gif, so wait for it to load <3)

Yes, ouch is the right word lol.  Mayhem when the two angelic (demon) puppies joined me in my little adventure >D

P/s:  Epic gif done by my Godbrother <3<3

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