Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Makes the heart grows fonder."

Does it really now?

Did you miss my blog while I was away?  I am sure only one person missed me, which is Ditsy <3  She never gave up on me, so how can I give up on myself?

I have been here everyday, spent 10 hours or more right in front of my computer but never get to actually blog about anything because November has been a bad month, not only for myself but a number of people I know.  Whether it's your personal belongings, relationships, monetary wise, it has been a bad month and right up in 2 days time, it's gonna be Friday 13th, life's just great.

But lets be honest, we can't be climbing up the entire way right?  We are bound to come to a downfall somewhere in between and I am feeling semi downfall, semi floating but one thing I know, I will always pick myself up from where I fall.  People thinks I am optimistic, I just think I absolutely refuse to fail and neglect myself because I love myself too much and by not gloating in my own sorrow, I actually make other people happy as well so it goes well for both ways.  I stay happy, other people stay happy too.

So what are the things that makes you happy?  Makes you feel like for a short moment of time in a day, you can wipe away all your worries and tuck it safely at the back of your mind?  A hug from the person you love?  A plate of good dinner?  A beautifully latte art coffee?  Reading? Sports? The list is endless but I realize for me, I always fall back to music, and me.

Just me, myself and I, and my music.  Every single night before going to bed, I will listen to a dose of music while doing nothing really.  Simply listening to music feels like its cleansing my soul and recharging me, preparing for the next day.

Life's sort of great, sort of not that great recently but time never stops ticking for us.  It goes on forever.  It has ticked for trillions of seconds before me, it will continue to tick for trillions after I am gone, that is if the world has not been defeated by natural disaster or man-caused disasters. 

Acceptance is the first step towards anything.  To heal, you got to accept that you are hurt.  To sprint, you have to accept that you have to push forward.  To accept, is to move forward.

Whatever it is, I am back here and hope you are still there.  If not, by the time you are back, I will still be waiting right here.

0022 Hour


  1. lovely photo Mish! miss reading from you! <3

    love lots,

  2. haha, long time no see u blog leh~

  3. I definitely missed reading your blog post, Mish. =( I know how it feels; college life took the life out of me to the point that I didn't have any inspiration to blog until recently.

    Let's see... what are the things that make me happy? It actually varies on the situation and ranges from music to flour products, writing to just having drinks with my loved ones. Ah, music... I feel you, Mish. If I don't listen to music before I head off to bed, my life doesn't feel complete either. =/

    Whatever you are experiencing at the moment, I hope you'll come out of it stronger. Good luck! =)

  4. how cute <3

    xoxo van

  5. Aw, I'm so sorry you've had such a rotten month my darling, but it's nice to see you back :)
    Keep doing whatever you need to do to feel better sweetie, even if that means leaving the blog now and again. We will all be here waiting and supporting you with your choices. xx

  6. welcome back to the blogging world. Am here waiting, always. =D