Sunday, 19 January 2014

Meet My New Lover(s)

A friend was telling me that her one true love is sleep.  I told her for mine, I know its selfish but I cannot live with one without the other so today, let me introduce you to my one true love (divided equally right in the middle): Sleep and Food.

Yes, meet my two new lovers who shares my one equal love: 50% Food and 50% Sleep.

The funny thing is, she mentioned that it would be 'preferably if you don't do both at once' and ironically I told her that I had!  You would do both at once when you are in a coma or anesthetized and you are being connected to the drip (glucose saline).  That way, you are sleeping and being fed at the same time!  Sad thing is you will not feel full from it and you end up with a swollen hand (whichever hand that drip is connected to).

And because of this, she invoked some deep memories from before that I really wanted to share with you guys!  Sharing this genius side of me with all of you that you rarely see <3

That one time when I had an operation and I had to stay over at the hospital for a couple of days,  naturally I was 'handcuffed' to one of those drip (which does not fill your stomach >.> Yes I know I've mentioned it before but I feel the need to clarify it once more!  Don't judge!)  and those drips are invisible and you could see the clear saline inside it right?

Guess what I started noticing?  It was tainted with blood!  MY blood.  

I must be one heck of a bloody genius to place my hand higher than the drip.  The nurse told me that I would be doing a blood donation instead of the drip flowing into my body lolol.

Yes I think I was a certified idiot back at that hospital during the period I stayed in and I thought I would like to share this short, funny, little adventure that I had back before puberty hits me <3

Yours truly,

0104 Hour

P/s: Thanks Neerv, for the inspiration <3 And I will see all of you soon <3


  1. This post is very random but really funny~

  2. Good lord, how did you put your hand above the drip? O_o Was it not secured to a higher place? I know you're tall, but surely not that tall! xD

  3. Sorry, Mish, but that was one funny post that made me chuckle. =)

    I think I'm like your friend; sleep would always be my one true love after last semester's incidents...

  4. Hi Mishberries!!, I miss reading your post, but I am glad you are back!
    hehe this is a really cute post!! yes, the little bags are connected to your hand lol. It would be painful to have it attached to your stomach!!

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  6. hahahaha i've had the same experience with the blood going into my drip! :( just had one last week and i was watching it, transfixed! this made me laugh :)
    xx gemma @ andgeesaid