Monday, 22 July 2013


One of the things that I do often in life, as much as I dislike it, is actually quitting.  Quitting and doing things halfway - basically not completing or finishing what I start.  

-And I have nearly quit blogging after nearing a whole year of writing it.  In fact, running it for so many months has been a record and I never thought I could last this long until well, in May 2013 when I gave in to my flaw and disappeared.  I actually did not want to quit writing but I keep stacking myself up with excuses until I am practically buried by it.  All kinds of lame, ridiculous excuses - anything at all to stop myself from writing.  Why was I doing that?  I do not know.  Perhaps it was caused by laziness, or perhaps it was caused by some other interference in life and I've been trying hard this recent years to get rid of my flaws as much as possible yet I've failed.

For 2 whole months, I was absent, telling myself I will start writing again once I get through with some of the matters on my hand.  Well, what I realized is, there is never such thing as the "right time" or "perfect time" to do it.  The only "time" that matters is when you actually take the time to initiate or do something.  YOU have to make it happen, time will not make that happen for you so 


I missed blogging and I missed all of you.  How have you all been?  I am pretty sure you are all doing great as time and greatness does not stop just because I stopped blogging >D  

That brings me to realize another thing.  Well I actually realized this some time ago but I thought today is a good day of bringing it up :D  No day is actually a good day unless I make it so =P

I've realized that the world does not revolve around me, never ever around me.   What I do, what I say at most affects a minimal number of people around me and to what extent, I do not know but other that than, I am nothing and no one to other people  but I alone, can make a difference.

I alone can make a difference to myself and only I can make myself happy.  I've been asked and perceived often by people around me:  

"Why are you always so happy?"
"Wow you are such a happy-go-lucky person"
"Hahaha mish is a potato aka everything goes, everything's okay"
"Mish is so lucky, she has everything and gets everything that she wants therefore she is so happy every day" -> I kid you not, I got this too.

Today, I am going to share "Mishberries's Secret to Happiness" with you.  There is no hard and fast rules.  There's only one rule:  And that is, your happiness lies in your head (not hand) and not anyone else's.  You got to decide what makes you happy and what makes you not.  

Happiness does not drop from heaven into my hands.  I have what I have today is because I partly earn it and I am partly lucky.

The part where I earn it and the part where I am lucky is illustrated below.

YES of course I can get lucky but everyone else gets lucky too!  It's a once in blue moon thing but what I do is, I try to maintain that luckiness.  I don't treat it as a 'one-time use' coupon, instead I appreciate the opportunities and turn it into a win-win situation and who wouldn't be happy about it??

Folks, you gotta realize, what you think of yourself, how you bring yourself, basically EVERYTHING about YOURSELF, is 100% controlled by you and no one else and it is only you alone who can decide things for yourself. 

One thing that I've learnt is, never let others make the decision for you and every decision that you made, be it good or bad, you should take full responsibility of it and that's the thrills in life for me.   For good or for bad, at least I know I've decided it for myself and not bluntly following another person's direction.  Of course I will be more than happy when people gives me suggestions or advises on what to do but what's important is, YOU/I've got to make that decision, so that I will not end up regretting later on thinking "Why the hell did I listened to someone else and not myself??" because whatever the outcome of that decision is, it affects you and only you, and not the person who made that decision for you.  Of course you can blame the person but ultimately, YOU are still the one getting the full blast of the outcome and not the other person, alright?

I mean of course it's always easier to have someone else decide for you and if things goes great, good for you.  If things goes wrong, well, you've got no one to blame but yourself.

Which is why, I always take full responsibility of my actions.  If I did good, I truly believe that I deserve it and might even brag (a little) to my close friends and family to share the joyful piece of news, I did bad, well I gotta pick up from where I fall and continue to climb from there.  Life does not stop at the point where I fall.  The journey simply just begun.

And that, is why/what makes me happy with my life everyday.  I tell myself to be content with what I have.  If better things comes along, I am very thankful.  If it doesn't, I can live with it.  Don't get me wrong, I am content with what I have but that does not mean I am settling.  I never settle with what I have but I don't get too far ahead of myself and wishing a 100 things that I know will never happen in the next 24 hours.  I am a reasonable realist and a rationalist so to speak.

I enjoy life, I enjoy food and I actually enjoy being me.  I am not envious of your lives, as fancy as they get but I am genuinely happy for you and would work hard to one day be at a point where there is really nothing more that I want or need.  

One of my dream in life is to travel overseas but given the setback on finances (3rd world problem >D), that does not stop me from realizing this dream.  I tell myself to do it slowly and to enjoy the fruits of my labour (literally).  It is not impossible and I will still get there, just sooner so slower than I thought but does that matter?  At least I got there right? >D  

I should probably change my tagline to "Soon. conquering one country at a time" >D

That's it for today!  Say no to quitting and say yes to blogging!

My thought of the day:   "You are who you want to be" :D

Cheers <3



  1. There is so much truth in this post I cannot begin to describe how much I love it. So I'm just going to say that one sentence in my head that's been dying to come out:

    "I'm fucking proud of you, aite? Don't fuckin' stop being awesome"

  2. well, i do feel like quitting but still doing it~ =.=

  3. WELCOME BACK! You missed us I can tell.

    Thanks for the post - I'm guilty of sometimes procrastinating and waiting for others to decide so it's out of my hands - just gotta remember to get out there and DO IT! You never regret it do you, you regret the things you DONT do.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. I feel like quitting too sometimes (especially when my running season starts up in Sep) but I am really glad you are back!
    You write really thoughtful post and I enjoy reading them! Yay!

  5. Glad to see you back in the blogging world! =D

  6. I am very glad you came back! I always came here, once a week, to see whether you had written something or not and now you did! What for a beautiful post, as always! I agree with you on happiness and being realistic. I also agree on "I don't envy you, I like being myself and I will be glad for what you have". I am facing a friend who I feel bad on avoiding, but if I keep in touch she sends so bad vibes. She envies everything everybody has and this makes me feel bad. So, it's so good reading that someone genuinely gets happy for other people's conquers. I am sure you will travel abroad - when we want something very much, we achieve that!

  7. So nice to see you posting again! I know exactly how you feel—ever since I let myself have a few weeks off from blogging, I've been having the hardest time to motivate myself to get back to posting. But after seeing you post again and talk about how there's never going to be that "perfect" time to get back and your discussion of earning happiness inspired me to try to post again, because it's true: sometimes you do have to work and work hard to do things like blog and to keep yourself happy.
    And best of luck in working towards traveling overseas :)
    ♥ vivian | seattleite fashionista

  8. Great post. Hope to see more about it.

  9. I´m not so lucky person, but the happiness is a bit short moment sometimes in our life. This post was interesting.