Sunday, 11 May 2014

Eternal Love

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This is the story of our life, the two women who loves each other eternally.

It begins with the day I was born, not via natural birth but via caesarian because I was just that cooperative right from the start.  It wasn't easy having me, whether it's during pregnancy or after birth.  My mom never had a good night sleep after I was born because I simply refuse to sleep at night (seems like I was born to be a nocturnal person after all xD) and I would just cry and scream my little lungs out at almost every hour during the night and being a person with a full time job , I was driving her insane but yet she tolerated and loved me so dearly.

Then comes the time when I could nearly walk and talk.  She was always there for me, for every single stage of my life.  She taught me my first baby steps and always telling me that it is okay to fall and get hurt because as I recover from it, I become a tougher and wiser person.  Sometimes she knows I am making a mistake but instead of preventing me from doing it or scolding me, she watch me make that mistake but she knows it is a lesson well learnt for me and those are what we call life lessons. 

Being the only child, it also means I am the jewel of her eyes but contrary to everyone else's belief, my mom does not spoil or spoon fed me.  In fact, she treats me like another young adult since a young age, trusting me to do chores and let me act independently, provided if I let her know exactly where I am going, what I am going to do or what time I will be home and from there, we bonded and cemented our trust into opening up to each other and not concealing things from one another.  From there, she taught me how to trust and respect another person.

She taught, showed, naaaaaaaaaaggggeeeeddd and still is teaching me everyday on how to be a better person, a more sincere person not only to others, but especially to myself.  She also taught me that at times it is okay to be at the disadvantage as long as we think we are not overly taken advantage off and we do not have to go all the way to prove that we are right all the time because given way is not an act of weakness, but it is an act of showing care and love for another's feeling and well-being.

She is a much tougher person than I am in a lot of sense, and definitely much wiser, because as they say a chip of the old block, she did inherit after my smarty, cunning, adorable Grandma after all xD  Though we are nowhere near Grandma's standard but hey, having parts of her flowing in us is pretty much good enough <3

Though of course, no matter how much love there is between the two of us, it is unavoidable that we too, have our differences and the way we fight it out is fun, we shout it all out but hey, better loudness than violence o/ 

Regardless of whatever that happens, at the end of the day, even without spoken words where we just lay down side by side in silence, just a simple nudge or cuddle is more than enough and we understands exactly how much we love and care each other.  

To the only woman whom I love eternally,

Happy Mother's Day, buibui <3


Baby <3